Adobe Premier Pro Video Editing

This is a 2 day workshop which will give an overview of the software and how it will work for editing your videos and publication of them to your site/blog.  The course is designed to equip with the essential skills require to edit and produce video content for your station. The course will cover the following : Co...more

Advanced Speech & Voice Training ( News & Sport)

Youve covered the basics and now a chance to put them into practice. An intensive 60 minute one-to-one session with a variety of scripts of your choice. Whether its news-reading, general presentation or voiceovers, this course is designed to sharpen the skills you already have, to ensure that...more

Analytics Essentials-using Google Analytics to measure success and improve content

This practical workshop is designed to teach you how to use metrics to both measure your success and improve your content.  This course is designed to give working content creators and journalists a practical understanding of how to use metrics in their work, with the aim of actually improving their output, rather tha...more

BAI Fairness Code - what radio stations need to know and do

The BAI Fairness Code has applied to all radio stations since July, 2013. Despite this, we have observed a very low level of awareness in stations of the requirement, under that Code, for certain written protocols to be in place in each station addressing a range of matters connected with news and current affairs coverage ...more

BAI General Commercial Communications Code

The BAI  General Commercial Communications Code deals with advertising, sponsorship, product placement and other forms of commercial promotion.  This workshop will provide you with an overview as to how to apply the code to your station. ...more

Breakfast Presenter Masterclass with Dennis Clark from iHeart Media, USA

In this workshop, Dennis Clark, Vice President  of Talent Development, for iHeart Media will present to you his secrets for Breakfast show success.   Dennis has vast experience in this area and presenters such as Ryan Seacrest, Elvis Duran, Kane, Johnjay and Rich, Bobby Bones, Nikki Sixx, The Breakfast Club and dozens of ot...more

Broadcast Law Updates

The aim of this course is to refresh trainee awareness of basic principles of defamation law. In particular, the course will: Consider aspects of privacy law relevant to broadcasting Outline basic principles of copyright law relevant to broadcasting Consider the application of legal principles discussed to online...more

Copywriting and the Creative Led Sell

This workshop will explore the notion of the creative-led sell and how copywriting for radio can support this.  It will look at the different types of radio advertising, the golden rules of creative writing/copywriting for radio and provide case-studies and research to support this. Course Content Why the Creati...more

Creative Scripting for Radio Sales

This half day workshop aims to inspire those responsible for scripting radio ads within stations.  The workshop will give you some practical steps to scripting the perfect ad and will hopefully  inspire you to consider trying a different approach if their clients’ campaign isn’t working. At the end...more

Creative Scripting for Sales

This workshop is aimed at Sales and Production staff working in the Independent Commercial Radio Sector in Ireland.  The course aims, through a practical approach, to inspire participants to developing creative, fun and engaging radio adverts.  Course Content Introduction and trainer background Great r...more

Data Journalism - Seeing through the Numbers

A huge amount of journalism involves data, statistics and quantified evidence. In health, migration and population, education, the economy and public spending, crime, the environment, risks and behaviour, etc, the evidence of what’s going on out there arrives in numbers. They are the language of public argument, used...more

Data Protection Briefings for Radio Stations

Does your station have a data protection protocol? Would your station tick all the boxes on a data protection audit?  Every radio station is a data controller – every text, email, competition entry, staff contract contains personal data that must be handled and stored (i.e. ‘processing’) by the stati...more

Digital for Radio

The overall aim of this course is to provide participants with the most up to date thinking and processes in relation to digital for radio.  The programme is uniquely tailored to those working in Irish radio and will include a range of speakers and companies which will provide invaluable insights into the latest think...more

Digital Insights for the Radio Sector

As a CEO or Station Manager, how do you generate new revenue streams in the Digital Age?  How do you get your stations influence to extend to the social web?  In this workshop you will learn the tactics to stand out from the crowd using a mix of social, web and email marketing tactics.  Course Conten...more

Digital Marketing Diploma

This course will provide you with an understanding of the concepts of Digital Marketing and how they apply to your work in the radio station. The course will allow you to see the benefits of digital marketing and how, once effectively implemented, can yield results for your station both in terms of audience and revenue.&nb...more

Diploma in Creative Radio Advertising

Working in radio production or sales it is essential to know and understand the difference between radio and print advertising and having the ability to utilise radio to create more effective commercials. This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to do just that. In this course we will show you: ...more

Diploma in Creative Radio Advertising Workshop 2

This workshop is focusing on two main areas: Copywriting for Radio & Pitching/Presenting to clients &/or your own sales or management team. Attendees will be encouraged to create radio copy based on a selection of subjects & briefs & prepare a short presentation. They will then be required to present their ...more

Diploma in Creative Radio Advertising Workshop 3

This workshop will focus on : Convincing the client to grant creative freedom (including radio briefing for sales reps). Creativity - mining & development. Exam preparation, what you need to know/do, along with Q&A session. Break out group sessions on CRA modules eg: presenting, mixing, recording, copyw...more

Employment Law and Policies - What Radio Stations need to know!

This one day workshop will be delivered by a qualified Workplace Adjudicator experienced in all aspects of employment legislation and in hearing cases under the Workplace Relations Commission.  The workshop will focus on real life cases, the specific needs of the participants, and will have a practical focus. A detail...more

Excel for Project Management

This course aims to demonstrate the application of Excel for Project Management.  The course will outline the features of Excel and its benefits in managing projects with teams.  The course is aimed at those who have already completed the Project Management Essentials for Radio with Learning Waves.  Particip...more

Fundamental Digital Skills for Radio

​ This course aims to provide participants with an understanding of the fundamental digital skills required by radio stations.  Radio stations are more and more making their content available on social media platforms and skills are required to understand such platforms, how to create content for such platforms a...more

Go Create Great Radio Ads with Learning Waves

Learning Waves Skillnet is delighted to announce their collaboration with Go Create Academy, a well-known online course provider who specialise in areas such as Radio, TV, and Photography. With this new partnership comes a new opportunity to be awarded a Diploma in Creative Radio Advertising certified through the London School of Music.&n...more

How to engage with Millenials and iGeneration

Millenials or Gen X are those who reach adulthood by the year 2000.  iGeneration or Generation Z are those born from the mid 1990s to the early noughties.  They have grown up in the Digital Age but research has proven that both these demographics interact with media much differently to previous generations. They ...more

Imaging Conference - Up your Imaging Game & Production that Pays!

A  2 day workshop on Imaging and Commercial Production with Day 1 largely aimed at Imaging Producers, and Day 2 will appeal to both imaging/SPI producers and potentially more widely to those involved in commercial production. Overview of Workshop Content Day 1 – Up Your Imaging Game Session 1 – Paul...more

Introduction to Broadcast Law(Part 1)

The objective of this course is to familiarise trainees / interns with little or no previous experience of radio production and media law with the basic legal principles relevant to radio production and broadcasting. Each module in the day comprises a general over-view of the relevant area of law and examines its applicati...more

Introduction to Broadcast Law(Part 2)

To familiarise trainees / interns with little or no previous experience of radio production and media law with the basic legal principles relevant to radio production and broadcasting. Each module in the day comprises a general over-view of the relevant area of law and examines its application to the practical aspects of r...more

Introduction to Radio Sales (Module 1) Professional Selling Skills

Outline - Introduction to Radio Sales Strong selling skills and good service means good business. Sales people who know how to communicate effectively with customers, who can present their product expertly and use their persuasive skills to show the benefits their product can offer – are always going to be winners. Very often,...more

Learning Waves Skillnet AGM 2017

  Learning Waves Skillnet will be hosting their annual AGM this April 6th at The Gibson Hotel, Dublin, from 11am to 1pm. Firstly the AGM will take place between 11am and 11:30am where we will reflect on 2016 and with positivity and prosperity look forward to all that 2017 has to offer. Project Manager Teresa Hanratty and Chairp...more

Legal Aspects of Social Media

The aim of this course is to give participants an overview of the legal implications of publishing content to social media channels and also to look at the implications of using content from social media channels. Course objectives This course will look at the use of social media by radio stations to:   g...more

Making Great Radio

Course Content Course Content Training Method Training Method Target Trainee Profile Target Trainee Profile Notes Notes Assessment & Certification Assessment & Certification Trainer Trainer...more

Mastering Your Editing Skills Using Adobe Audition

  This one day course is aimed at users of older versions of Cool Edit and Audition. Recording, editing, processing and multi-track production in Adobe’s new Audition CC are covered. It will improve your workflow, speed and audio quality. MORNING: Refresher 1. Refresher: configuration, PK files, edit view versus multi-tr...more

Measuring Metrics that Matter

Are you simply interested in vanity metrics? So that’s Likes, followers or subscribers? Are you missing the real value in your metrics by not daggering deeper?  In this half day workshop you will look at : How to establish the numbers that matter for you? Setting goals related to metrics Reporting metr...more

Microsoft Visio

Course Content Course Content Training Method Training Method Target Trainee Profile Target Trainee Profile Notes Notes Assessment & Certification Assessment & Certification Trainer Trainer...more

Mobile Journalism for Radio

A workshop on how your iPhone can help you create, edit and produce content for your radio station for use on-air and on-line across many platforms.  This course is ideal for all of those who are using their iPhone in the field to record, edit and produce content for radio stations.  Course Content Intro...more

Mojo - Mobile Journalism & the Law

Increasingly news and entertainment journalists are being required to generate audio-visual material (photographs / videos) for upload to their stations’ websites and / or online news feeds. The pace and nature of mobile journalism (“mojo”) throws up a raft of legal considerations that need to be applied ...more

MS Intermediate Excel

This intensive course is designed for those who have either attended an Excel Introduction course or not been on an official course, but may have been using Excel for a period of time.  Course Content Review of Basics Relative & Absolute Cell References Using Multiple Sheets Linking Worksheets &...more

MS Powerpoint Intermediate

Entirely hands-on, this course will provide those attending with a good basic understanding of how to create and manipulate charts, graphic images, organisation charts and how to create a rolling presentation on screen using Microsoft PowerPoint. Audience Course Content This outline is based on the 2003 Version of Po...more

Negotiation Skills Training

This one-day negotiation skills training will help to improve your negotiation skills, so that you can negotiate effectively in a variety of situations, where win/win outcomes are important for success.   Course Content At the end of this training you will able to:  Define the skills of effective negotiators ...more

Network with the Best - At our Sales Managers Forum

Our Sales Managers Forum aims to provide networking and knowledge sharing opportunities for Sales Managers across the Independent Radio Sector in Ireland.  The forum will be facilitated by Mark Richardson from Mark Richardson & Associates. Mark has been working with Learning Waves Skillnet since 2010 and is one of...more

News Analysis - How to Maximise the Impact for your Listeners

Course Content Prerequisite for the Course  - Trainer will talk to News Editor to discuss output, news style and listeners. Samples of various news bulletins to be forwarded to trainer prior the course. Day 1 Meeting with News Editor to discuss station style. Trainer will listen to news output and to observe the news te...more

Occupational First Aid - One Day Refresher Course

This course is aimed at Qualfied First Aiders who want to retain their current certification by completing a one day refresher.  This course is aimed at those who completed the Occupational First Aid training with Learning Waves in June 2014. Course Content Participants on this one day course will be trained in ...more

Occupational First Aid Course

This course is designed to give the Occupational First Aider the skills necessary to give effective life support, deal with emergencies, diagnose and treat injuries, maintain care and comfort the casualty. This course complies with the regulations in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Acts.   Course Content   ...more

Optimise your Time - Don't just manage it

One day intensive interactive workshop aimed at alleviating the problems of time management and stress in your workplace. This course will arm you with the skills and mindset required to manage your time more effectively and to delegate more effectively. At the end of this course you will have : A greater understand...more

Podcast Production

A one-day workshop in recording and editing audio to create professional radio podcasts. More people are listening to podcasts than ever before, thanks to the relentless rise of mobile. This practical workshop will teach you how to create podcasts from scratch, and reversion radio programs into engaging podcasts for you...more

Presenting Using Prezi

This one day workshop will show you how to bring your presentations to life using an on-line tool called Prezi. This tool will show you how to make presentations engaging, entertaining and fun. Course Content 1. Before Starting What makes a good prezi? Planning your presentation Best practices   ...more

Project Management Essentials for Radio

The aim of this course is to give participants the skills and techniques to create a project from start, to plan the project and to monitor and close out the project successfully. The course will provide you with practical experience in proven techniques and will allow you to discover a range of valuable, applicable tools ...more

Radio - Get Your Foot in the Door

The overall aim of this workshop is to make news bulletins more compelling, relevant and easy to understand for listeners. This workshop will explore the sources of news for local stations and it will look at both the traditional sources and new sources including social media. Course Content This workshop will look a...more

Radio and its relevance in a Social World

Radio’s relevance in a Social World A one day workshop hosted by Martin Liss, M.A, an independent media & management consultant from Berlin, Germany to look at how radio can remain relevant in an ever evolving social environment.  Martin will discuss the following during the day : why you cant overestimate fac...more

Radio Broadcasting Bootcamp

This course is aimed at graduates or interns in stations who are interested in learning more about the art of radio and how programmes are put together.  There is also a work placement attached to the course for 10 days.  The course is delivered by industry experts and Learning Waves Skillnet trainers w...more

Radio Days Ireland - 2 Day Conference

A unique 2 day radio conference brought to you by Learning Waves Skillnet and IBI on 17th and 18th October 2016 in Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, Dublin featuring speakers from Ireland, Europe and the USA.   The line-up includes a lifelong radio junkie and talent coach, Dennis Clark from iHeartMedia, USA, the presenter who reaches...more

Recording Audio and Editing using Adobe Audition CC

This one day course incorporates training in the use of basic portable audio recorders and the essential skills required for using Adobe Audition efficiently in your workplace.  Users will learn how to get the most out of their on-location recordings to ensure good quality raw audio before the editing process.  T...more

Researching, Finding and Generating News Stories... Audience with Enda Brady, Sky News, Garrett Harte, Newstalk, Teena Gates, 98FM and more A 1/2 day workshop looking at the challenges in researching, finding and generating news stories for your audience. The workshop will look at the challenges stations face in keeping news relevant, upbeat, developing ...more

Sales Presentation Skills

This course will revisit the Psychology of Selling by means of learning reinforcement and to focus on the communications skill elements that are also applicable to presenting. The balance of the day will be dedicated to each person delivering and performing a short presentation of their choice in front of their colleagues...more

Scriptwriting for News - A Creative Approach

The course aims to improve the standard of writing for broadcast, by encouraging an understanding of how it differs from writing for print, and how to use this difference to best effect. Properly written scripts are not only easier for the broadcaster to read, but also for the listener to understand. At the end of the...more

Selling Digital - Practical Solutions for Radio Stations

This half day workshop aims to demonstrate how digital can work with radio and what you need to know integrate digital offerings in your client campaigns. Specifically this half day workshop will look at :          Incorporating digital into radio campaigns/sells  &nb...more

Senior Producer Course

The aim of this course is to give senior producers across the Independent Commercial Radio sector the skills to : Lead their teams more effectively – with practical tips and techniques to apply Generate more original and high-impact ideas Find new and different ways to tell stories Find ways to make a big...more

Senior Producer Course - Day 4

This course is aimed at those who have already completed the 3 day Senior Producer Course with Sue Ellis and Andrew Wilson. This day is designed as a follow up day and will include the following elements : Leading yourself’ – the values, drivers and styles that affect your behaviour and what you stan...more

Sound Engineering for Radio

The aim of our Sound Engineering course is to give the learner a basic understanding of what sound is and how it operates. Specifically the course will look a the frequency spectrum and listen to sounds and were they are on the frequency spectrum. This will give the learners a better understanding of the frequency spectrum...more

Sports Workshop - Save the date

Learning Waves Skillnet  will host a Sports Workshop on the 24th April 2017 in the Clarion Hotel in Dublin, which will feature sports journalist, Paul Kimmage,Managing Editor talkSPORT 2 & Head of Live Sport talkSPORT, Mike Bovill, Writer and Podcaster, Andrew Mangan and Newstalks Joe Molloy.  The workshop will discuss ...more

T.R.U.E Presentation Skills Training

This course aims to show participants how to create and deliver T.R.U.E presentations.  The course will show you the techniques that helped a client create and deliver a presentation that won them a contract worth €200k.  You will learn about the Presentation Scorecard, a tool that will help you to...more

The Psychology of Selling

This programme will provide your sales team, with an insight and appreciation into the art and Psychology of selling. The programme is designed to motivate, inspire and to encourage new thinking. The programme will address the challenges we face in today’s economy and equally, will emphasis the opportunities there a...more

VMware vSphere 6: Install, Configure, Manage

Overview VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage features intensive hands-on training that focuses on installing, configuring, and managing VMware vSphere® 6, which includes VMware ESXi™ 6 and VMware vCenter Server™ 6. This course will give you a solid understanding of how to administer a vSphere infr...more

What You Need to Lead

The WHAT YOU NEED TO LEAD workshop is about practical ideas, tools, and techniques. The workshop focuses on the requirements of managers and recognises the need to work effectively with people who report to you, or whom you report to. Your success, and the success of those you work with, depends on effectively getting the ...more

Writing for the Social Web

Content is the fuel that drives social success so understanding how to write for the social web is a vital skill. In this one day workshop you will learn about : Receipe for great social content Writing for emotional connection Writing paid copy Writing with SEO in mind Writing to prompt action Writing for ...more