Digital for Radio Diploma - Module 8 Brand Journalism.

Course Brief

Radio stations understand news and journalism. Afterall, it’s one of your key specialism! However, many stations forget to promote themselves. In the Digital Age, journalism is in the hands of many, as opposed to the few, so stations are now competing for listeners and digital eyeballs from other competitors, mainly revenue-generating content websites.

Stations are also competing with fake news and as holders of the truth, you need to be top of mind where news is concerned.

In this workshop, Joanne Sweeney-Burke will provide you the steps you need to take to convert your station into a digitally-agile 24/7 brand newsroom. 

Course Content

  • What is brand journalism?    
  • Brand journalism for your radio station
  • How to build an agile digital newsroom      
  • Promoting your station as a trustworthy news brand
  • Engaging social media users and listeners online     
  • Being a trusted news outlet

Learning Outcomes

After this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Develop a plan to promote a station’s own brand
  • Develop creative ideas to get the station in the news
  • Ensuring your station is top of mind when it comes to news consumption  
  • How to rise above fake news