Advanced Diploma in Social Media.

Course Aims

This advanced social media programme for radio professionals seeks to take existing social media skills to the next level and introduce participants to new strategies to benefit radio and station clients.  The course assumes a good working knowledge of social media for radio for course attendees. It will bring radio professionals and agency staff through a set of modules designed to maximise new opportunities that social media presents in 2023. The practices are more advanced but aim to pitch radio as a media preference over other formats.

Course Brief

The course will cover the following modules :

  • 4-2-1 Mobile Content Strategy
  • Social Audio Strategy
  • Identifying your Station's Niche Social Media Opportunity
  • Your Presenters as Creators
  • PPC Advertising
  • Selling Social Media
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Your Social Media Campaign
  • Assignment and Presentation

Who is this content for?

This programme is for graduates of Learning Waves Diploma in Social Media for Radio course, with this follow-on course building on your existing knowledge and skills specific to radio. If you are not a graduate of the original Diploma but work in social media in a radio station your application will be considered.

Training Method

The course will be delivered using a blended approach, Zoom and in person.  The first two modules will be delivered via Zoom, Module 3 in person, remaining modules via Zoom and the final module on project presentation will be in person.

Course Dates

17th January 2023

24th January 2023

31st January 2023(in person full day)

7th February 2023

14th February 2023

21st February 2023

28th February 2023

7th March 2023

14th March 2023

To register for the course go to :