Time Management - Managing your Time Effectively.

Course Details

  • Date Wed, 8th May 2024
  • Time 09:30 to 11:30
  • Duration 2 x half days
  • LocationOnline via Zoom
  • Trainers Jennifer Dowling, Train Remote

Course Aims

This popular course aims to equip employees with knowledge, tools and insight into how they can manage their time effectively and enhance both productivity and wellbeing. This program aims to be an engaging learning experience where participants will be given access to latest research, validated tools and space for individual and group reflection. The workshops will include pre and post workshop resources, interactive discussions and practical exercises to facilitate active learning and skill application.

Course Content

The Objectives of this course are:

  • To share current research on time management and building time effectiveness
  • To support self-awareness building around time habits and practices
  • To explore validated tools and resources that can be applied in building time management capabilities

Module 1 Content

  • Exploring Goals, Realities and Expectations
  • Research Insights on our Relationship with Time
  • Exploring Perceived Control of Time
  • Time Perspectives and Research on Impact of Individual Differences
  • Reflective Assessment Activity
  • Exploring Part 1 of the toolbox: Time Blocking, Pomodoro and GTD
  • Introducing Time Tracking and Building Accountability

Module 2 Content

  • Recap on Progress since first Workshop
  • Reflection on Assigned Activities
  • Exploring Research on Time, Technology and Attention
  • Wheel of Time Reflective Exercise
  • Sharing Part 2 of Toolbox: Eisenhower Time Matrix, Priority Mapping,
  • Attention Management
  • Coaching a Time Action Plan and Building Accountability

Additional Resources

A questionnaire and pre-reading will be made available to all participants. The toolbox and access to all resources and research will be made available via Padlet. A post workshop questionnaire will be circulated two weeks after the final workshop to measure the impact of the training.


Jennifer Dowling - Train Remote

Jennifer is a Chartered Work and Organisational Psychologist.  She is a Director of Train Remote Ltd. where she specialises in the delivery of Virtual Training, Workshop Delivery, Facilitation, Coaching and Team Development. Her background in Project Management, Consultancy, Coaching, Psychometrics and Leadership Training has allowed her to work with a wide variety of clients and organisations both Nationally and Internationally across a variety of sectors including; Pharma, Health, Finance, Education and Tech. Jennifer has a strong research and training background in the area of remote, hybrid and flexible work and is an experienced trainer, coach and facilitator. She is both practitioner and trainer in a range of psychometric tools for both selection and development.

Who is this content for?

This course is aimed at all those working in the Independent Radio Sector in Ireland who want to improve their time management skills. 

Training Method

This course will be conducted through two interactive (2 hour) workshops and delivered online, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for participants.

February Dates:

Day 1 - 6th February 2024

Day 2 - 20th February 2024

May Dates:

Day 1- 8th May 2024

Day 2 - 22nd May 2024