Research for Radio - Beyond Google.

Course Brief

The aim of the training course is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge of the principles of researching for radio. The course will examine the fundamentals needed to be an effective researcher and a self-starter.

Participants will learn how to create content that is original, has a point of difference and delivers impact. A number of real-life scenarios will be created over the two days where participants will put their skills to the test. 

Course Content

The course will include :

  • The critical role a researcher plays on a team
  • How to source different news stories and feature ideas
  • Developing original story lines
  • Importance of a creative structure
  • Writing for radio
  • How to write briefs and scripts
  • Interviewing tips
  • Creating a running order with focus on light & shade
  • Editorial decision making and delivering the ‘killer question’
  • Effective storytelling and what makes a great story
  • How to create content without social media and the web as sources
  • The Blank Page – where to start with a blank canvas
  • Delivering to a tight deadline
  • Building contacts
  • How to evaluate performance – did the story deliver on its objectives
  • Real-life scenarios over two days


Garrett Harte is a multi award-winning senior media executive with over two decades of experience in the broadcast industry. As former Editor-in-Chief of Newstalk, Garrett has led and shaped the national current affairs debate on critical political, social and cultural events for many years, and during this time has worked with a host of leading Irish broadcasters including Ivan Yates, Claire Byrne, George Hook and Pat Kenny. During this time he also coached and managed scores of producers, researchers and reporters, many of whom are key leaders in Ireland’s broadcast media today.