Mobile Content for Radio Diploma - Module 6 Short Form Documentaries.

Course Brief

This one day workshop will focus on how to create engaging, visual and shareable short-form stories to social using your smartphone. Eleanor Mannion will take you through the “mobile to mobile workflow” she uses to create original stories to be published on RTÉ’s digital and social platform first. You have to think about the story and you have to think of how your audience is going to consume that story. During the day we will look at how to best tell your story, through action, visual sequences, interviews and scripting. We will also look at presenting the final video bespoke for social consumption through aspect ratios, subtitling and graphics.

Core Outcomes

The core outcomes of this module are that it will give participants :

  • Skills to identify stories suitable for social media platforms
  • A comprehensive understanding of the approach to filming stories for social
  • Scripting skills - laying down visuals and isolating soundbites
  • Post production skills - editing, graphics, subtitling, music etc

Course Content

Morning Session

  • Course overview - what we aim to achieve and background
  • Presentation : RTE Digital First Team
  • Identifying stories for social platforms
  • Identifying strong stories using Crowdangle and then brainstorming
  • Exercise : Insteresting stories about each other

Pre -Lunch Session

  • Approach to filming stories for social, eye direct IV's, tech spec for filming for a multitude of aspect ratios
  • Interview set up
  • Approach to filming stories for social - storyboarding,slow mo, timelapse, graphics
  • Film an interview - plan, storyboard etc

Post Lunch Session

  • Making sense of your story
  • Scripting and isolating key soundbites
  • A breakdown of a social story
  • Script your story, isolate key soundbites and storyboard with visuals

Afternoon Session

  • Presentation
  • Post production
  • Aspect ratio
  • Subtitling
  • Music
  • Lumafusion - Subtitling, music and graphics
  • Subtitle your story - add graphics, other elements
  • Repurposing for Insta stories and website
  • Repurpose story to Instagram story



Eleanor Mannion has worked for RTÉ since 2006 and has co-ordinated and directed live television news broadcasts. In 2016 Eleanor filmed and directed a one hour documentary, The Collectors for broadcast on RTÉ One. This was the first commissioned television broadcast in Europe filmed entirely in 4K using an iPhone. Since 2017 Eleanor has worked as a mobile journalist producing short-form features with the Digital First Team of RTÉ News.
Eleanor has a BSc Degree in Multimedia Studies from Dublin City University and a Masters in Journalism and Media from Griffith College Dublin.