Mobile Content for Radio Diploma - Mobile Video Shoot and Edit Masterclass.

Course Brief

This is the third module of the Mobile Content for Radio Diploma and will focus specifically on shooting and editing video using your mobile phone.  The module will take in all of the key areas in the previous modules of the Diploma.  This module will be delivered by Mark Egan who is founder and CEO of Purple Bridge Media in the UK along with founder of Titanium Media, Glen Mulcahy.

Course Content

Introduction to the Tripod

  • Opening and closing the legs securely and safely
  • The Tripod head
  • Removing and refitting the tripod plate
  • Using the Tripod in HiHat, Inverted, Monopod modes
  • The problem with Pans and Tilts

Introduction to Sequences


  • The five shot sequence and how to capture it The psychology of the camera positioning GVs
  • Finding and Capturing the Action and Emotion.
  • Run and Gun shooting on mobile Tips and Tricks Shooting formal interviews
  • Setup and choosing a location Framing, Eyeline and Looking Room
  • Interviewing for First person narrative stories Light considerations
  • Interview tips, tricks and protocols Choosing and fitting a mic on your guest Setting and monitoring audio
  • Off Camera Sound Radio Mics V wired Cutaways and B-Roll

Editing in Luma Fusion

  • Creating a new project
  • Importing content from CameraRoll
  • Importing content from the cloud
  • The Media folder
  • Previewing clips
  • Pre-Trim Clips
  • Adding clips to the timeline
  • Trim functions
  • Splice functions
  • Audio detach/reattach
  • Adding a second layer of video overlay
  • Adding voiceover
  • Editing and mixing audio levels
  • Fine tuning
  • Adding Graphics and branding
  • Exporting

Video Accessories and Grip Gear

Key Exercise:

Shoot and edit a 2 minute feature story with Lower thirds and BUG


Mark Egan is founder and CEO of Purple Bridge Media in the UK.  Mark was a former BBC Journalist and is now a Smartphone Video Trainer, Online Video Consultant, Video Journalist and International Speaker in this area.

Glen Mulcahy is Founder of Mojofest Ltd, the company behind Mojofest and Titanium Media, a media training and consultancy firm which specializes in mobile journalism and social video storytelling.

The former head of innovation with RTÉ, Ireland’s national public broadcaster, he has inspired and driven the growth of mobile journalism within RTÉ’s newsroom and across other European broadcasters. Glen initiated RTÉ’s mobile journalism project (“mojo”) and RTÉ is still successfully using mobile devices and apps to create finished news stories for broadcast and online which reach the highest possible quality standards. He also founded of Mojocon- the 1st international mobile journalism conference which was held on an annual basis from 2015-2017, Mojofest is his own independent version of this event.