Coping with Psychological Fatigue during Covid-19.

Course Brief

As we face into the difficult winter dealing with increased restrictions, the covid-19 crisis is taking its toll on our individual and collective mental health. People are experiencing increased frustration and exhaustion and the public mood is more factious and divisive. In this workshop, John Sharry considers the psychological reasons for how we are feeling and describes practical steps we can take to preserve our mental health and to collectively cope together.


Prof John Sharry is a  social worker and family psychotherapist  with over 27 years experience as mental health professional. He is a founder of the Parents Plus Charity, an adjunct Professor at the School of Psychology in University College Dublin and Clinical Director of Silver Cloud Health. He is co-developer of the award winning Parents Plus Programmes, and the best selling author of fourteen  positive psychology and self-help book for families including Positive Parenting, and Counselling Children Adolescents and Families. John is a weekly parenting and mental health columnist for The Irish Times and a regular contributor to the national media. His practice website is 

Date and Time

Tuesday 1st December 2020 at 12noon for one hour.