Copywriting Diploma.

Course Brief

Copy or copywriting can be any words that you use for your business or content creation. That could be email subject titles or content, blog post, video titles, product descriptions, bios, website content, business cards, the words that you use in e-books, leaflets, scripts, social media. Basically any wording you use for content, the words you use, so people understand, like and trust you. These words are crucial - to communciate, influence and sell yourself, your product or your service. This course gives you the tools to create great copy, for radio, for online, for social, blogs, videos, print and press. 

Course Content

Module 1 - Copywriting 101

  • What your customers need to hear before they commit
  • Why copy is THE key element for success in business AND personal life
  • The three key elements you need in everything you write
  • The "C''s" - clarity, connection, communication
  • "Personality" : Authentic, real and trustworthy
  • Empathy - tapping into the way people feel
  • The Customer Persona
  • Copy crashes : The real reasons even the "best written" copy might not engage
  • Tapping into nightmares and sweet dreams.  Understanding the importance of a customer's dreams and fears
  • Remain Authentic


Module 2 - Understanding your Audience

  • Researching your audience - where to find them, and what you need from them
  • Compiling conversational ammo
  • Researching and reaching multiple audiences
  • Creating the illusion of intimacy


Module 3 - Defining your Product

  • The Features/Benefits analysis - what your product does, and why it matters
  • Eastablishing a promary sell
  • Crafting an effective three-act narrative
  • Emotional resonance - what fear and vanity can do for you
  • Finding compelling stories in complex data


Module 4 - Form and Function

  • Basics of formatting - finding the right content model and layout for your content
  • Headline styles - what works and when
  • Calls to action - converting copy into sales


Module 5 - Tone and Style

  • Creating an engaging brand persona
  • Active language, imagery, and the 'show, don't tell' principle
  • The copywriters cheat sheet - a capsule toolkit of professional tricks, from rhythm and rhyme to targeted metaphors - Editing and accuracy - how to lower your word count with losing power
  • Polishing a final draft unitl gleams


Module 6 - Creative Techniques

  • Idea development
  • Combatting writers block
  • Creative resources
  • Case studies


Module 7 - Copy for Radio

  • An Introduction to Copywriting for Radio
  • Copywriting for Radio - The 4 Elements and Sonic Branding
  • Engaging Radio listeners (using the 4 elements) Example 1
  • Engaging Radio listeners (using the 4 elements) Example 2
  • Engaging Radio listeners (using the elements) Example 3
  • How to engage listeners - radio commercials


Module 8 - Copy for other Media

  • Introduction to Copywriting in Print/Press & TV
  • Body and Headline copy
  • Headline and Body copy - what is the difference
  • Headlines, End-lines, Tag-lines, Slogans
  • Are fonts/typefaces important?
  • Case Study 1
  • Case Study 2
  • Award winning creative example
  • True Story (NB : Chops in some countries is slang for face)


Module 9 - Industry Opportunities

  • Panel- based session
  • What are the opportunities?
  • Developing skills
  • Real-world challenges and experiences
  • Next steps


Module 10 - Q&A plus Assignment Presentation

  • Pre-Exam Content Assessment
  • Interview Preparation
  • Content Check


Target Trainee Profile

It is aimed at anyone who wants to make great copy.  Whether you are a sales exective, radio creative, commercial producer or you are just interested in creating great copy for your clients and your radio station, this course is for you.   The course will help you to develop your ideas and bring them to life, to connect with your audiences, to see and hear what makes great copy and to create great copy for radio campaigns.  It will provide you with copy frameworks and structures, the tools you need to make great copy and also it will provide you with a suite of amazing resources. 

Assessment & Certification

Diploma in Audio Mixing from London College of Music


Eugene Ruane

Eugene is an award-winning Senior Copywriter, Creative Director, Group-head and Author. He began working at Saatchi & Saatchi London in 1980 . In his 17 years there he went from junior copywriter to senior writer, group-head and a director of the company. In the same period, the agency went from medium-sized British agency to the biggest and most successful agency in the world. He went on to work around the world for McCann Erickson satellite, Amster Yard in New York, Saatchis in New Zealand, Publicis in Dublin(where in his head of copy role they became Ireland’s most awarded creative agency). Eugene now works for GoCreateAcademy and is an author and a board director with the international advertising and creative festival - the Kinsale Sharks -  His international advertising awards include: Cannes Lions (full set - Gold, Silver, Bronze), Epicas (Europe), Clios (U.S), Sharks (international). 

Kathleen Moroney

Kath is the Executive Creative Director at Red Apple Creative, where she heads up the writing and production team, creating podcasts and advertising campaigns for clients all over the world. She is a multiple award winning creative, lyrical gangster and professional painter of pictures with sounds. She specialises in audio production, storytelling and immersive audio experiences. She trains teams all over the world on creativity and the audio space and is in demand as a popular judge on creativity-related events like the D&ADs.  When not judging the unjudgeable, or speaking on panels, you can find Kath grafting on international multiplatform campaigns and original content/podcast projects for local, regional, national and global brands. She's passionate about pushing the boundaries of creativity and forging genuine connections through authentic emotions - translation: She likes being a person and speaking to the humanity in us all.
Kath has extensive copywriting experience, leading creative projectsduring her time at Bauer Media, UKRD and Radio Experts. She is a champion of great writing and promoting female talent within industry.Richard is a highly experienced audio engineer, producer and technical facilities designer, lecturer and academic manager, Richard has worked in proaudio since 1988 as an expert-level audio recording, editing and mixing engineer. He has worked on several interntional high-profile complex audio projects with the likes of Vue Cinemas, Shell, Capital Radio, Sony and many Soho Mixing houses on international films and documentaries.

Eddy Lawerence

Eddy has 30 years of experience as a writer, editor, editorial consultant, and brand consultant. His CV runs from senior editorial roles on major consumer titles (including Time Out), to editorial consultancy on B2B and B2C publications for John Brown Media. On the commercial side, he has been a copywriter for clients including The Guardian, Red Bull, Kering, Royal Mail and (to coin a cliché) many, many more. Eddy run's regular copywriting courses for Guardian Masterclasses, aswell as public sector-specific courses for Understanding Modern Government. He's also a guest lecturer for London College of Communication BA in Advertising.
He was formerly Head of Creative for Clever Boxer, provides talks and training for clients including Soho House Group and Collective. In the public sector, he's also provided courses for clients from Slough Borough Council to the RAND Corporation.
He says the secrets to impactful marketing communications are easy to unlock; the hardest part is knowing when to implement them, and when to throw away the rulebook.Craig J Snider is a Composer, Producer, Remixer, Songwriter, Label Owner & Multi-instrumentalist. He is best known for his success as a Producer, Arranger and Keyboardist on a string of Remixes & Album productions that have topped Billboard's dance chart, with 30 Number One Hits. This past winter, Craig completed the score and music supervision for Director Writer Nancy Goodman's new Romantic Comedy "Surprise Me". His television credits include: American Greed, The Voice, Corporate, Madame Secretary, MTV Real World, & Sex and the City. His commercial credits include music for Nissan, ESPN, Blue Cross, Gatorade, Toyota, and McDonald's.