Remote working for Radio Journalists.

Course Brief

One of the main challenges the coronavirus has created for radio stations is that almost all of their presenters and journalists are now working from home.  This webinar will allow all those who now find themselves working from home to get some tips and hints from Glen Mulcahy and Mark Egan while at the same time brainstorming with colleagues to find solutions to technical issues.  The webinar will be broken down into the following sections :

1. Capturing Content

  • Recording audio on the phone – apps, mic technique
  • Recording audio on laptops – Recording tools and mics
  • Capturing video using phones
  • Making your webcam look good and tips for guests(framing, light, webcam software)
  • Tips for making your home less echoey

2. Editing Content


  • Phone editing – Ferrite
  • Free tools – audacity, garage band
  • Free video editing – Da Vinci Resolve
  • Phone video editing apps – luma, adobe, kinemaster etc
  • WeVideo – cloud editing


3. Sharing Content


  • Using a proper platform such as Dropbox, MojoReporter, Google Drive
  • Audio quality when sharing via Whatsapp, Telegram etc
  • Metadata/naming files
  • Best formats for video/audio


4. Live-streaming and remote interviews


  • Zoom
  • Ecamm Live
  • Switcher Studio
  • Skype


5. Communication


  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Dropbox paper/Google docs

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