Resilience Training.

Course Aims

Fast-paced, pressurised and competitive working environments can create stress, anxiety and dips in performance for even the most capable business professional.

This Resilience Training workshop focuses on helping you develop a range of skillsets, approaches and mindfulness techniques which allow them to adapt to, overcome and flourish when faced with adversity, challenges and stresses in the workplace.

Through a mix of reflective and practical exercises, you will learn about the many stressors that can affect them in the workplace, the potential effect on their emotional and mental health – and how they can disrupt our natural auto-response processes to allow them to adapt to stressful challenges and work through them with a more positive, proactive approach.

Course Brief

At the end of this course, participants will :

  • Develop an understanding of the basic pillars of Resilience
  • Understand our natural responses to threats / adversity
  • Become aware of the main ‘thinking traps’ which inhibit resilience.
  • Develop flexible and effective positive thought processes
  • Develop self-efficacy
  • Understand the mind / body connection and its role in resilience

Who is this content for?

This course is aimed at all those working in the sector who are seeking solutions to working in fast-paced,stressed and competitive working environments.

Training Method

This couse will take place in person and is limited to 10 participants. To book your place on this couse click 'Book Now' at the top of the page.