Interviewing Skills for Radio Presenters

This practical course, led by investigative journalist and presenter, Paul Connolly, examines and explores advanced interview techniques.  This course aims to improve trainees’ interview styles and techniques, leading to more engaging and revealing audio,


Course Content - Day 1

  • Preparation – research and advanced question crafting
  • Interview types – how to prepare for and conduct short, medium and in-depth interviews •
  • Remote interviewing – how to ensure remote interviews are as effective as those recorded in-person •
  • Advanced interview techniques – taking control, listening and reacting, the use of silence etc. •
  • Mistakes - how to recover from a mid-interview mistake or error in judgement


Course Content - Day 2

  • Hostile interviews – preparation and advanced question crafting for hostile scenarios, plus how to challenge and extract information from a reluctant and / or hostile interviewee •
  • Vulnerable interviewees – how to glean great content from sensitive subjects and subject matters 
  • Breaking news / stories – how to maximise the impact of interviews you are not prepared for
  • Tech – the very latest technology and equipment for recording and storing audio-visual content


Training Method

Online via Zoom, 2 half day sessions(4 hour sessions).  The course will take place over 2 days, 23rd and 24th June from 9am to 1pm on both days.


Target Trainee Profile

Radio Presenters/Researchers/Producers



Paul Connolly, LAPA Communications and Media Limited