Sound and Vision Funding Workshop : From Idea to Application.

Course Aims

The aim of the workshop is to help participants craft ideas and stories that can then be submitted for funding through Sound and Vision. The workshop will be highly practical and will assist participants in putting their ideas into the application. It will also serve to help you craft stories that can be used as station output and possibly look at other sources of funding.

Course Brief


Overview of the Scheme : what is new and what is required


Idea Development: Working up the idea from its origins to a fully formed pitch

Additionality  : if you have an idea or it is a story that has been told before but you have a unique angle, a new can you pitch it?

Thinking outside the box: How can I find ideas in other genres/themes, such as science, childrens programming, entertainment etc?

Making your pitch stand out : The Sound and Vision scheme is more competitive than ever, with a smaller pot of funds to work with. How can I  make my idea outshine the rest?

Making creative radio: Breaking the mould, by editing creatively, use of sound, breaking the linear narrative structure, using humour.

Fitting your pitch to the requirements of the scheme: wording your pitch and linking it to Sound and Vision requirements, the structuring of their running order, the linking of their pitch to the listenership of the broadcast station, etc

What the Assessors look for : A view from the assessor


Who is this content for?

Anyone who is currently working on or interesting in working on  Sound and Vision Applications for Round 43 of the Scheme

Training Method

Course will take place via Zoom.  To register for the course go to :