Digital for Radio Diploma - Module 9 Digital Selling.

Course Brief

A radio station that is aimed at to driving sales has a range of digital technologies to choose from to make a selling powerhouse out of their sales department. But, just applying and utilizing these technologies isn’t enough.

A digital selling strategy must be in place to steer the station as a whole and make sure that the digital assets are in alignment with related activities that drive sales. By marrying a digital strategy with digital selling, radio stations can increase brand awareness and drive revenue.

In this workshop, Lorcan Kinsella will share how to lay out the foundation of a station’s digital sales process. He will share the how understanding the buyer’s journey leads to a successful digital process.  The workshop will include hands on exercises and best practices in digital selling in radio.  This one day workshop will look at Monetising your Digital Real Estate and Traditional and Digital Campaigns.

Module Content

  • Building the Foundations of Your Digital Sales Process
  • The Buyer’s Journey
  • What Makes a Successful Sales Methodology
  • Best Practices in Creating a Digital Sales Process for Radio
  • Pro Tools in Creating a Digital Sales Process

Learning Outcomes

After this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Enumerate the steps in building your radio station’s digital sales process
  • Understand the elements of a successful digital sales methodology
  • Learn best practices digital selling
  • Discover tools that can be used in developing a new digital sales process