Diploma in Audio Production

This course enables you to further develop your understanding of how to manipulate sound through interactive workshops, online content and real-life case studies. At the end of this course, audio producers will submit two audio artefacts, then partake in an informal online interview to gain a Diploma from the London College of Music.  The course will focus on the core areas of sonic principles, sound manipulation, mixing and production. It will give you the tools to produce and mix great audio content for broadcast, online, social, recorded/live music, radio advertising, documentary making, audio books and podcasts.

Course Content

Module 1 - Introduction to Audio Production

  • Introduction to Audio: waveform, amplitude, frequency, phase, loudness,signal to noise
  • Intro to Recording: Mic/line input, input gain, preamp types,metering.
  • Intro to digital audio: Sampling frequency, bit-rate, codecs.
  • Preparation for recording: DAW and interfaces.
  • Computer capabilities. Hardware.
  • Audio quality discussion, how good is good enough? Listening.


Module 2 - Recording 1

  • Microphones: Mic choice, polar patterns, placement, technique and hardware.
  • Room issues and acoustics: Nodes, standing waves, reflections, noise.
  • Mic/line input channel: Pre-amp, EQ, dynamics, meters, noise floor.
  • Recording: Input and output level, gain stages, distortion, breath control, EQ, dynamics control.


Module 3 - Recording 2

  • Recording and DAW: input select, level, latency and monitoring.
  • DAW settings: Frequency and bit rate, hardware considerations, storage and backup.
  • DAW settings: Timeline and timing, meters and tempo.
  • Headphones: Good and bad, hardware solutions, headphone mixes vs follow studio.
  • Recording levels: input, output, monitoring, meters, auxiliary sends.


Module 4 - Recording 3

  • Tracking: Naming channels, files, auxs etc. General file handling.
  • Tracking: Recording styles and techniques, looping, comping, punch in/out.
  • Tracking: Saving and save backup.
  • Performance production: Discussion, knowing what you want and when you’ve got it.


Module 5 - Editing 1

  • Theory of the edit: attainment of perfection
  • Editing: Basic editing functions, non-linear techniques, cutting, trimming, clip functionality.
  • Editing: Comping, clip gain, normalisation, fades and crossfades.
  • Editing: Arrangement, re-arrangement.


Module 6 - Editing 2

  • Advanced editing intro: Compansion, time constants.
  • Advanced editing: Pitch correction/manipulation, formant control, Melodyne.
  • Advanced editing: ADR and auto alignment.
  • Advanced editing: Post production, de-noise, de-reverb etc.


Module 7 - Mixing 1

  • Preparation for mixing: File handling and version control.
  • Preparation for mixing: Session clean-up and mix file creation. Session arrangement.
  • Intro to mixing: Frequency masking, phase cancellation.
  • Intro to mixing: Auxiliaries, subgroups, mute/solo/edit groups,metering.
  • Mixing discussion: Micro and macro focus, sliding focus and mix intentions. Mixing in the box vs Audio summing.


Module 8 - Mixing 2

  • Mixing: Starting the mix, meters, gain staging.
  • Mixing: Plug-ins, what goes where and why?
  • Mixing: EQ and dynamics.
  • Mixing: Reverb and time domain effects.
  • Mixing: Intro to automation.
  • Mixing: Mix Referencing.


Module 9 - Mixing 3

  • Mixing: Parallel processing.
  • Mixing: Automation.
  • Mixing: When is a mix finished?
  • Mixing: Output stage, bouncing and filetypes.


Module 10 - Q&A plus Assignment Presentation

  • Pre-Exam Content Assessment
  • Interview Preparation
  • Content Check


Target Trainee Profile

Aimed at anybody who wants to improve their audio mixing & production skills. Focussed on the core areas of sonic principles, sound manipulation, mixing and production. This course gives you the tools to produce and mix great audio content for broadcast, online, social, recorded/live music, radio advertising, documentary making, audio books and podcasts.

Assessment & Certification

Diploma in Audio Mixing from London College of Music


Peter Stone

Peter is a co-founder of GoCreateAcademy. He was a concert pianist, won two Lloyd Webber Piano Awards and was the youngest ever examiner of the London College of Music. He worked for Roland (the electronic music manufacturer) and toured the world working with such luminaries as Madonna, Kenny Rogers, Leo Sayer and many others. He became head of production at Capital Radio Group, before setting up his own creative agency - delivering advertising campaigns & projects for companies like Samsung, Unilever, Coca-Cola and Vue Cinemas. He combines his musical, technological, research and scientific understanding as a global platform speaker and is a passionate philanthropist about online learning.

Richard Liggins

Richard is a highly experienced audio engineer, producer and technical facilities designer, lecturer and academic manager, Richard has worked in proaudio since 1988 as an expert-level audio recording, editing and mixing engineer. He has worked on several interntional high-profile complex audio projects with the likes of Vue Cinemas, Shell, Capital Radio, Sony and many Soho Mixing houses on international films and documentaries.

Craig Snider

Craig J Snider is a Composer, Producer, Remixer, Songwriter, Label Owner & Multi-instrumentalist. He is best known for his success as a Producer, Arranger and Keyboardist on a string of Remixes & Album productions that have topped Billboard's dance chart, with 30 Number One Hits. This past winter, Craig completed the score and music supervision for Director Writer Nancy Goodman's new Romantic Comedy "Surprise Me". His television credits include: American Greed, The Voice, Corporate, Madame Secretary, MTV Real World, & Sex and the City. His commercial credits include music for Nissan, ESPN, Blue Cross, Gatorade, Toyota, and McDonald's.


Course details updated 22nd Feb 2021