MS Powerpoint Introduction

This course is designed to give delegates the tools to create a professional presentation.  Entirely hands-on, this course will provide those attending with a good basic understanding of how to create and manipulate charts, graphic images, organisation charts and how to create a rolling presentation on screen using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Course Content

This outline is based on the 2016 Version of Powerpoint. If users are using a newer version of Powerpoint please outline this prior to signing up for the course.

Getting Started with Powerpoint

  • Exploring the Powerpoint screen and ribbons
  • The Quick Access Toolbar(QAT)
  • Changing Ribbon Display options and customising the QAT
  • Creating a Presentation
  • Open / Close / Save Presentation
  • Creating a presentation from a template


Editing Presentations and Adding Text Content

  • Using Slide Layouts
  • Adding text and bullet points
  • Using undo and redo
  • Selecting text and objects
  • Formatting text and bullets
  • Applying Word Art & Other Special Effects to text
  • Using the Format Painter
  • Using the Clear Formatting Command
  • Controlling Paragraph Spacing, Line Spacing and Text Direction
  • Choosing from the Themes Gallery to apply a specific 'look' to the presentation
  • New Office Themes


Inserting Art and Objects

  • Inserting and Formatting Graphics - The Picture Tools Ribbon
  • Inserting and Manipulating Shapes
  • Changing Colour Schemes
  • Using SmartArt to design diagrams
  • Inserting Screen Shots
  • Inserting graphs
  • Using 'Paste link' feature
  • Inserting Audio and Video clips
  • Inserting Hyperlinks
  • Adding tables


Managing the Slide Deck

  • Changing the slide backgrounds
  • Resetting layouts
  • Adding Headers and Footers
  • Using Sections
  • Adding notes to slides
  • Using Slide Sorter


Delivering the Presentation

  • Creating or printing notes and handouts
  • Animating elements in the slides
  • Controlling the transition from slide to slide
  • Controlling what slisde are visible in the Presentation
  • Rehearsing the Presentation and Recording timings
  • Using the Presenter view
  • Printing and Saving the Presentation


Target Trainee Profile

New, recent or intended users of PowerPoint
Anyone who needs to produce high quality slides, overheads and other presentation materials.