Manage | Lead | Inspire - Senior Management Development Programme.

Course Aims

 This course will allow you, as a Senior Manager, within the Radio Sector in Ireland the time to invest in yourself in order to :

  • Re-imagine your leadership style
  • Enhance your skills to enable you to unlock the human potential in your organisation
  • Learn how to effectively lead others by understanding yourself
  • Learn how to manage difficult people and conversations
  • Learn tools to help you manage change in your organisation

This unique course blends the theory with the practical and also offers the unique element of coaching, 3 hours of individual coaching as part of the programme.  The course will be delivered over a 4 month period allowing participants the time and space to engage with the programme but at the same time allowing space for the implementation of learnings between modules.

Course Brief

Module 1: Understanding your Leadership Style

This module will focus on:

  • An introduction to personality type and how it can be used as a perspective for understanding yourself and others
  • Exploration of four personality elements : where we get our energy from, how we take in information, how we make decisions and how we approach life
  • Review of a personalised report
  • Exercises to explore and bring to life different applications of this knowledge

Module 2: Inclusive Leadership

This module will focus on:

  • The need for leaders to focus on themselves, in order to best support their teams
  • How our realities are all different and the impact that age and personality have on people's perceptions, responses and needs
  • The importance of connection and belonging in the workplace and the impact of micro exclusions on productivity, morale and team spirit
  • The impact of factors outside of work and how our emotions create bias and influence how we see things
  • The key values a leader wishes to reinforce, what they might be signalling (intentionally or not) as being acceptable practice and how to adapt accordingly
  • The importance of taking care of yourself and the creation of a personal balance wheel and action plan

Module 3: Leading and Managing Teams

This module will focus on :

  • How to allocate work, set goals, prioritise, monitor and manage performance
  • How to provide focus and minimise distractions using circles of control
  • How to delegate effectively using the IDEALS model
  • The tyranny of the urgent : how and when to say 'no'
  • How to manage communication challenges
  • How to run effective meetings

Module 4: Managing Difficult People and Conversations

This module will focus on:

  • Why effective conversations are critical to successful performance management.
  • Why we find performance conversations difficult and the neuroscience behind giving effective feedback and praise.
  • The importance of listening and how to improve listening skills using a Thinking Environment approach.
  • How to recognise and overcome self-deception and positioning.
  • Recognising conflict styles and associated conflict handling strategies.
  • How to prepare for difficult conversations using a 1st, 2nd, 3rd perspectives technique.
  • Getting the basics of any conversation right: location, time, honesty, bravery, clarity of message, purpose and desired outcomes.

Module 5: Managing Change

  • Internal and external perspectives on change: understanding what might be heading your way
  • Understanding the different phases of change and why each is important
  • How to recognise the impact of change on yourself and your people and how to handle the likely emotional responses
  • Your role as a manager: how to successfully manage through the change journey
  • Quick wins: how to use nudges to encourage new behaviours
  • Stakeholder management: how to harness support and overcome resistance







Who is this content for?

Target Trainee Profile

Senior Managers across the Independent Radio Sector, limited to 2 participants from any one of Learning Waves member organisations.  You must seek approval from your manager to sign up to this course.

Assessment & Certification

Participation will receive a certificate and membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management on successful completion of the course.

Training Method

This course will be delivered using a blended approach, 3 online sessions and 4 in person sessions.  The dates for the course for 2024 are as follows:

7th February - 9am to 10am - Introduction Call - online

28th February  - 11am to 5pm - Understanding your Leadership Style - in person

29th February - 9am to 1pm - Self Awareness and Inclusive Leadership - in person

24th April  - 9am to 12noon  - Leading and Managing Teams - online

22nd May - 11am to 4pm - Managing Difficult People and Conversations - in person

23rd May - 9am to 1pm - Managing Change - in person

10th July - 9am to 10am - Close out call - online

In addition to the above, participants will be able to avail of 3 one to one coaching sessions during the 7 months.