Productivity | Wellness | Sleep.

Course Brief

'In my long career, most of the mistakes I made, I made when I was too tired, and worked too hard.  You make better decisions when you're not too tired.  That would be my only advice'. Bill Clinton.

Our Productivity, Wellness and Sleep workshop will look at how Sleep impacts you and your business and what you can do about it.


Sleep.  The one thing most of us want more of, and yet the one thing we do so often ignore or take for granted.  A recent McKinsey business leaders survey found '46% believe that lack of sleep has little or no impact on leadership performance'.  The are unbelievably, and worringly wrong.  Research continues to show how surprisingly important sleep is. Sleep permeates every aspect of our being, impacting our health, our mental and physical wellbeing, our emotional state, and our work.  Just ONE bad night's sleep will reduce our productivity by 57% and when pulling an all-nighter, from a responsiveness perspective, we are the same as being legally drunk.

We are the only species, that deliberately starves ourselves from getting enough sleep having taken 20% off the avergae night in the past 70 years.  This comes with an economic cost - £740 million a week for the UK.

There is no universal panacea, but research reveals there are many simple interventions we can make to improve our sleep outcomes.  And organisations can help.  For too long, sleep has been considered an individual issue, but is has a very real impact on business.  Organisations need to start to consider how they can enable their employees to get better sleep and so benefit from the improved productivity levels that come from being fully awake.

This session draws on the current research and literature to consider why we take sleep for granted, the benefits from enjoying good sleep, the organisational impact of poor sleep, 10 tangible methods that we can individually use to try and get more sleep and how business can help.

Trainer - Russell Beck, Imagine ThinkDo

Imagine ThinkDo is an specialist people strategy consultancy that inspires and challenges leaders to think differently about their people agendas and helps turn those thoughts into action.  We are at our best when helping leaders tackle their people challenges by deeping their understanding so that they can imagine and define new ways of working and deliver tangible benefits.

Productivity | Sleep | Wellness is one of the subjects from our series of 'Inspiration and Challenge' sessions that are designed to stretch your imagination and unlock the value of your people. 

Participant Feedback

'This is one of the best and most comprehensive talks I have ever heard.  Engaging from the start through to the end.  I still consiously think about what Russell said months after hearing him speak.  Remarkable'.