Sales Presentation Skills.

Course Aims

A great presentation can be the difference between a big sale and no sale, between a winning business innovation and a wasted meeting, between an award-winning programme idea and

Course Brief

This course will revisit the Psychology of Selling by means of learning reinforcement and to focus on the communications skill elements that are also applicable to presenting.
The balance of the day will be dedicated to each person delivering and performing a short presentation of their choice in front of their colleagues and the trainer. The presentation of choice ideally should one that the salesperson has delivered recently to a client or one that they intend to deliver to a client.

During these presentations, the trainer will observe the following:

  • Presentation preparation (establishing what was done to prepare content and knowledge of client)
  • Presentation content in terms of style, format and amount of material
  • Clarity, conciseness and value of the message being presented
  • Presentation style including body language, voice clarity, projection and tone, mannerisms, pace and impact
  • Language used
  • Ability to engage with and keep the audience attention (keep on track)
  • Ability to recognise signals of interest or disinterest from audience (recovery)
  • Ability to field questions and handle objections and avoid any potential confrontation
  • Ability to gain agreement and negotiate a yes
  • Ability to say no and leave a positive impression
  • Ability to listen to the audience and demonstrate a genuine interest in audience views/ opinions/ concern
  • Ability to recognise and understand positioning and importance of each member of the audience
  • Confidence


The process of presenting in front of colleagues works exceptionally well and the learning value is far greater than any ‘lecture’ style presentation. The atmosphere is relaxed and previous feedback as you know has been excellent in terms of helping the delegates to see and hear themselves from the client’s perspective them and affords them every opportunity to developing their individual presentation and selling skills.
Feedback is given on the day and can be in the guise of group discussion or one on one if preferred.

Trainer :

Mark Richardson
Mark is widely recognised as Ireland’s leading Sales and Communication Skills expert and sits on a number of national judging panels, evaluating standards of professionalism in Irish business. Mark frequently speaks at and chairs industry conferences.
Mark is a former Managing Director of the Europa Academy and is renowned for his work in developing SME’s and Corporate Sectors. A former Executive Board Director of a national company, Mark delivers results-driven training to delegates from Ireland, the UK and across Europe.




Who is this content for?

This carefully designed, and highly interactive, programme is run across 2 non-consecutive days, and covers the following important elements:
Day 1:

  • What makes a great presentation & a great presenter?
  • The challenges they face in making great presentations
  • Coping with nerves & stage-fright
  • Types of presentation (both to new and existing clients / audiences)
  • The Before, During and After of an effective presentation, including:
  • Steps in preparing for a presentation: The CADET model
  • The flow of an effective presentation: The BEARCUB model
  • Handling Questions and Challenging Situations
  • Effective and appropriate use of Visual Aids and Technology
    Throughout the day the following will take place:
  • Skills practice with feedback (including video feedback) will take place
  • The presentations they