Recording Audio and Editing using Adobe Audition CC.

Course Aims

The aim of this course is to help you perfect your audio recording skills using Zoom recorders and to then edit the audio to broadcast standard using Adobe Audition CC.

Course Brief

This one day course incorporates training in the use of basic portable audio recorders and the essential skills required for using Adobe Audition efficiently in your workplace.  Users will learn how to get the most out of their on-location recordings to ensure good quality raw audio before the editing process.  This course is aimed at participants with some prior experience of using older versions of Cool Edit and/or Audition, and will provide users with the tools to effectively record, edit,and mix audio using the latest version of the software. 

Course Content

Part A - Zoom H4 Recorders Operation

  • Funtions of Zoom recorder
  • Menu options - how to set up recording, set file type/sample rate
  • Microphones - how to use internal and external microphones
  • Recording techniques - how to get the most out of recording, positioning, sound levels etc.
  • Outdoor v's indoor requirements

Exercise 1 - Record short audio piece (voice)
Exercise 2 - Record sound f/x

Part B - Audition Edit View

  • Refresher - introduce/refresh basic concepts around Audition software - differences between edit and mulitrack views, how to create, save, open and close files correctly, overview of the edit functions of the software.
  • Corrective process - removing clicks, pops, noise etc
  • Deleting and inserting silence
  • Normalising audio - pros and cons
  • Effects racj - what to use and how to use it
  • Spectrum Editing
  • Disguising Voice
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Audition

Exercise 3 - Using the audio provided, complete an editing task using the processes outlined above.
Exercise 3 - Editing audio recorded in Part A

Part C  Multi-Track Editing

  • How to build sessions with 2+ tracks
  • Move tracks, copy, clip, trim, lock, snapping etc
  • Automation(fade in/fade out) of track

Exercise 5 - Using the treated audio from Exercise 4, start to work on putting a multitrack session together.

Part D - Mixing of Audio

  • Using the Audition Mixing/Mastering Fader to mix audio
  • Bouncing complete production to single file
  • Mastering

Exercise 6 - Finalise and mix down project, followed by presentation and playback.


Ciarán Ryan is an independent radio producer and lecturer based in Limerick city. Primarily working in documentaries/features, Ciarán has produced content for RTÉ Radio 1, 2FM, 2XM, and Lyric FM; Newstalk; Limerick's Live 95FM; Spin South West; and many others. Additionally, Ciarán has produced and presented talk programming in the commercial radio sector, and has extensive management and training experience in the community sector. He holds a PhD from Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, where he is also a Lecturer in Media and Communication Studies.




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