Returning to Work with Covid 19 - A Framework for Continuity and Recovery of Business.

Course Brief

'Change might be hard, but uncertainty is often worse'.  During a time of crisis, people feel overwhelmed, worried about the future and feel out of control.  Now is the time for organisations to take control and turn the 'what if we can't...' conversations you may be having in your mind into 'what if we do this...'.

Course Content

It is understood that the Covid 19 will remain as a health risk for some time to come, therefore all organisations will be required to introduce new health and safety measures.

Following the government briefing on May 9th regarding safety measures for the re-opening of businesses, all organisations will be required to update or introduce new health and safety measures. Workplaces will have to go through some kind of workplace rehabilitation to ensure that they are not just open for business, but are ready and able to operate with Covid-19 restrictions such as social distancing.

Connect4Work has produced a framework to support organisations plan for the return to work now that there is an exit strategy with time lines released by the Government. 

This workshop is designed to support organisations address the risk and plan for the practicalities of a safe return to work for employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and visitors etc.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be supplied with a Framework Document detailing the requirements that need to be in place for a safe return to work.

Training Method

One hour workshop delivered online via Zoom.  Places are limited to 15 per workshop.

Trainer - Mary Finn, Connect4Work

Created in 2018 by Mary Finn, Connect4Work promotes staff retention and increases attendance at work with a focus on two main areas. Firstly early interventions to support organisations retain employees who are at risk of absence remain in work and secondly case management to facilitate the return to work of an employee who has been absent due to illness, injury or other reasons.  Return to work planning explores barriers to the return, solutions and reasonable accommodations with the goal of a successful, safe and timely return to work.