The Podcast Panel.

Course Brief

Learning Waves will host the Podcast Panel on 25th March 2021 from 11am to 1pm and through the panel members will share with you the latest insights in relation to Podcasting in Ireland, how a radio network can leverage podcasts, the challenge of podcasting during Covid19, insights into securing sponsorship for your podcast and much more.

The panel will feature :

  • Patrick Haughey, AudioBrand.  Patrick will give an overview of the Podcasting Landscape with particular reference to Podcasting in Ireland.
  • Liam Thompson, The Smart 7 Podcast.  Liam will talk to us about the Smart 7 Podcast, the idea, the promotion and marketing and its success to date.
  • Norma Sheahan, Heal your Hole Podcast.  Norma will talk to us about the challenges of Podcasting during Covid19, how her audience interacts with her, Podcast longevitity and some technical tips.
  • Ian Doyle, Urban Media Podcasts.  Ian will share with us deails of his role as Podcast Producer and how Urban Media is leveraging Podcasts.
  • Niall Breslin, Where's your Head Podcast.  Niall will share insights in relation to his Podcast, what works, what the challenges are and how to overcome them.
  • Shonagh Lyons and Robbie Byrne, Beat 102-103.  Shonagh and Robbie will talk to us about their Podcast 'Girl Talk', its success, its life span, the challenges of being a radio presenter and podcast presenter, living by numbers and much more in relation to the marketing and technical aspects of the Podcast.

There will be something for everyone at this session and we look forward to seeing you all there. 

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