Cyber Security for Radio Stations.

Course Brief

Cybersecurity is like insurance - you’ll wish you had it only once its too late. Learn how to avoid being phished, smished and held to ransom. What steps your business needs to take to protect confidential business data, websites and customer data. Review the various tools available such as password managers, anti-virus software, VPNs and authorisation apps. 90% of data breaches are down to human error. This is a course that addresses the human side of cybersecurity by creating awareness of the risks and providing simple, practical solutions that are easy to implement.


Course Content

  • Introduction
  • How cybersecurity affects small business. A look at the stats and case studies
  • Assessing risk
  • Invoice fraud, phishing emails , social engineering and other cyber crimes
  • Password Management
  • Website security
  • Training your team and building a culture of security awareness
  • Tools and tech available to you
  • Building resilience - backups, incident response plan
  • Interactive Q&A session addressing particular concerns in your business


On successful completion of the course, participants will have a thorough understanding of the risks cybercrime poses on their business. They will have the tools, resources and strategies to implement security into their business processes and build a culture of security awareness within their team.


Training Method

Online via Zoom - 2 half days (3 hours per session)


Target Trainee Profile

IT and Team Managers across the Independent Radio Sector


Trainer - Andrea Manning, Data Influence

Drawing on an extensive career in Information Systems and Marketing, Andrea Manning brings a fresh approach to Data Protection and Cybersecurity. Andrea is a true influencer— translating the technical and legal into the understandable. She blends Cybersecurity into GDPR and brings everyone on board through the powerful art of storytelling.

Whether its a small business, a tech start up or a global travel company, her practical experience and positive approach makes implementing data protection and security into any organisation feel effortless.

Andrea is currently on the Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers accelerator program developing CyberPie; a startup that productises security awareness training for tthe SMB. Her aim: to give everyone in the supply chain a piece of the cybersecurity pie.