Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion

The session will explore equality, diversity and inclusion from a range of perspectives including the business, moral and legislative context. Participants will have the opportunity to examine the various terminology relating to the legislation (e.g. types of discrimination) and its application.

At the end of this session, participants will have :

  • An understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion within an organizational context
  • An understanding of the legislative framework and its application
  • An understanding of the different types of discrimination
  • An understanding of Equality law
  • A greater understanding of race inclusion/racism
  • A greater understanding on how to manage and overcome concious and unconcious bias

In essence the workshop will look at why organisations would want to strive to be an inclusive organisation and an organisation that prioritises diversity. 


Trainer - Irish Centre for Diversity and Inclusion

The Irish Centre for Diversity works in partnership with organisations across Ireland to help them embed equality, diversity and inclusion in all they do. Its goal is to positively influence beliefs, attitudes, behaviour and conduct towards issues surrounding EDI. The ICD wants organisations to do more than just tick boxes; it wants
them to transform the workplace environment to one, which is equitable and inclusive.

As a diversity and inclusion-focussed organisation, the Irish Centre for Diversity has a clear understanding of the strategic needs of an organisation that wishes to demonstrate its commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

In addition the Irish Centre for Diversity supported by Ibec and DCU Centre of Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion have developed Ireland's only Diversity and Inclusion mark for businesses. It offers organisations a clear and structured framework to transform diversity practices and culture. Using cutting-edge tools and services that  easure and informyour organisation on workplace Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity Inclusion and Engagement (FREDIE)