Podcasting for Radio - Creating, Editing and Marketing your Podcast.

Course Aims

As the world of Podcasts grows, this workshop will look at the role Podcasts play in the radio landscape and why radio needs to get into the podcasting game.  The workshop will look at the strengths of both radio and podcasts and how both mediums can complement each other.  The workshop will be delivered in two parts, will be highly practical and will allow partcipants to explore ideas for their own podcast. 

Course Brief

Module 1

The first part of this course will look at :

  • The radio and podcasting landscape – why radio needs to get into the podcasting game (numbers, popularity, appeal)
  • Radio v. podcasts – strengths and weaknesses of each medium
  • Chart-topping podcasts (including produced by radio stations / networks) from different genres and figure out why they’re so popular, what they’re doing differently, and what elements you can ‘borrow’ to create your own unique podcast.  
  • Establishing goals, clarity on target audience, what does success look like?
  • We discuss: experimental formats, opportunities to use podcasts to ‘narrowcast’ while your radio station ‘broadcasts’, working smart and using what you’ve already got in clever ways.
  • Episode structure - powerful introductions, creating soundscapes using sound effects and music, optimal episode length

Module 2

The second part of this course will look at :

  • Recording & studio equipment
  • How to record in various scenarios using different set-ups
  • Remote recording – how to achieve high quality sound when you’re not in the room together
  • Editing audio – basic editing & tips
  • Music and sound effect libraries
  • 5 steps to launch – title, series description, theme music, cover art, and trailer. 

Module 3

The third parf of this course will look at :

  • How to publish on Apple, Spotify and all other major platforms
  • Creating a publishing plan to effectively promote your podcast
  • Video-recording your podcast – equipment, presentation skills, basic editing.
  • Organic growth – how to create audiograms, slick promo videos, and pull-quote tiles quickly and professionally using software.
  • Paid promotion – the best way to spend budget when promoting your show.
  • Monetisation – how to make money from your show, and how others are doing it.
  • Measuring success – setting goals, gathering metrics, the most important things to measure.

Module 4

On day 4 of the podcast course, participants will have a one-to-one 30-min catch up with course trainer Patrick Haughey. In this session participants will deliver a short presentation, showing some of the work they have put together during the course. It is also an opportunity for participants to delve into any of the course topics in more depth, create a plan for a future podcast project, or review a current podcast that they are working on.


Who is this content for?

All those interested in creating, producing and marketing podcasts.  A series of tasks will be completed by participants over the duration of the course.  This will allow participants to put into practice the learnings from the course.

Training Method

This course will be delivered online via Zoom from 10am to 1pm over the following dates :

Module 1 - 18th April 2023

Module 2 - 25th April 2023

Module 3 - 2nd May 2023

Module 4 - To be confirmed

To book your place on this course go to : http://bit.ly/3ZLyRUh