Mobile Journalism for Radio.

Course Brief

A 2 day workshop on how your iPhone can help you create, edit and produce content for your radio station for use on-air and on-line across many platforms.

Content :

  • Introduction
  • History of Mobile Journalism, where it started, where it is now and where’s going
  • Screening session, sample stories and brief discussion on strengths and weakenesses
  • Hardware and software accessories including Audio and Video accessories and App Overview
  • Principles of photography, composition, exposure and focus
  • Using FILMIC Pro
  • Using sequences to create your story
  • 10 shot sequences, shooting exercise
  • Audio and Microphones for iPhone
  • Recording Interviews
  • Shoot and interview
  • Export recording to camera roll
  • Editing in iMovie
  • Importing content and rough cut in iMovie
  • Voiceover and audio mix, then export
  • Going live to Radio, Web or TV
  • Other Apps of Interest

Course Duration

2 days

Trainer : Glen Mulcahy, Titanium Media

Glen has worked in broadcast engineering and/or production for over 14 years. With a background in art and design his ability to fuse technical knowledge and creative design has been a key part of his skillset. He has trained as an ENG camera operator, a Studio Director, an Avid editor and an Apple support professional to name but a few. Part of his work ethos has always been derived from having a clear understanding of the jobs his staff perform, in doing this he argues he can make informed decisions on workflows and efficiencies. In his spare time he is a passionate photographer, his specialism is portraiture and he has worked as a freelance editorial photographer for several magazines. He also loves gadgets and new technology- his blog is an insight into the world of multimedia technology.


Equipment Required : Participants need to have an iPhone 7+ or higher with at least 3GB of free space in order to participate in this training. See attached list of requirements for the course.