Clear and Effective Communications.

Course Brief

This is a highly interactive one day workshop which develops the skills and confidence executives need to have the biggest impact. It covers presenting effectively in different situations and engaging others in formal and informal settings.

The workshop gives participants the opportunity to:

  • Explore their current presentation capabilities
  • Make the most of their innate story-telling skills
  • Engage different audiences and get across key messages
  • Learn to relax and create a powerful presence

We create a safe learning environment, building on the elements of effective presentation and story-telling by role modelling and the use of videos and print and a range of interactive exercises.

Training Content

  • Deconstruct what makes a great presentation
  • Apply that framework to your own presentation
  • Understand and make the most of your ‘signature’ style
  • Understand and work on your own personal challenges


 Course Outline

  • Introductions/programme overview
  • Back to basics - First impressions. What’s the impression you create? What impression do you want to create? What's the impact you want to have?  What do you want people to feel? Identifying your ‘signature presence’.
  • Aligning your voice, body and words
  • What does a great presentation look and feel like? – creation of a shared group framework
  • How to open with confidence and style (individuals practice the first 30 seconds)
  • Coach and peer-to-peer feedback
  • What stops great from happening when we present -  identification of individual challenges/establishing learning needs.
  • Learning how to deconstruct stories and agreeing basic rules for telling a powerful story/giving an impactful presentation


To include:

  • Hook - what's the hook to make me want to listen?
  • Key messaging
  • Detail - the importance of detail to make me care
  • Ladder of abstraction
  • The importance of flow in presentations
  • Energy - how to keep and sustain it
  • Language to include work on list of threes - rhetorical questions - contrastive pairs
  • Physical preparation -  concentrating on voice work



Andrew Wilson & Jane Kinghorn

Andrew joined the senior management team at the BBC College of Journalism in January 2007; appointed in response to an independent reporting following the Hutton Inquiry. He was asked to set up a high-profile learning programme for every new journalist and every new editorial leader in BBC journalism (the biggest of its kind in the world). Andrew also led the team which worked commercially on behalf of the BBC Academy, designing, marketing and running editorial leadership training for major international media organisations in America, Scandinavia, Hong Kong, Ireland and Singapore. During this time he also worked with senior teams in each of the BBC’s international hubs. In June 2015 he also took on responsibility for the Academy’s design and delivery of leadership and personal development training while continuing to run the Journalism Foundation programmes. 

Jane has been a working journalist for more than 20 years. She began her career in Independent Radio before moving to the BBC where she’s done just about every job you can do from Reporter, Presenter to Producer in BBC Radio and Television. Her last leadership role was as Editor of Television and Text Services for BBC West managing a 100 strong team of production and resource staff.