Radio and its relevance in a Social World.

Course Brief

Radio’s relevance in a Social World

A one day workshop hosted by Martin Liss, M.A, an independent media & management consultant from Berlin, Germany to look at how radio can remain relevant in an ever evolving social environment.  Martin will discuss the following during the day :

  • why you can't overestimate facebook, twitter & co. as a radio person
  • how to generate awareness and the need for programmes to evolve to evolve
  • who is using what and how is it organized
  • programming with Facebook: tips and tricks
  • understanding the listener: comments and call-ins
  • twitter as a promotional tool
  • storytelling in the new era
  • video? really?
  • wrap-up: 10 (or so) things you either already do right or you start doing tomorrow


About Martin Liss

Martin is one of the few established managers who has held executive roles in several genres of media. As General Manager of their flagship station in Berlin, Martin used to be group program director for the German stations of ENERGY / NRJ, Europe’s largest radio brand. Prior to that he was Head of Content for Mobiles Fernsehen Deutschland, a start-up that was bringing live TV to mobile devices in 2006. Lastly, he was Chief Program Officer for Mediakraft, one of the largest multi-channel networks in Europe, providing programming, production and commercialization services to YouTube artists and influencers. Martin has won several awards for programming and innovation in radio.

Today, Martin is consulting media brands and other companies on digital transformation, including the management challenges that come with it.