Mastering Adobe Audition (Online course).

Course Aims

This course is aimed at sound editors wanting to sharpen their basic skills and techniques of audio editing, repair and multitrack mixing. This is hands-on training and attendees will complete a number of exercises to introduce the editing of sound clips in the both the Waveform and Multitrack environments.

Course Brief

The course will cover the basics of audition and will examine the common sound processing effects including Dynamics, Delay, Reverb and Noise Reduction. It will also examine audio restoration methods and techniques — from hum removal to sound and transient repair and recording into Audition.

The course will also extend your skills in using the Multitrack editor for mixing, editing music beds via sound loops and key framing volume (automation) using read/write/latch/touch modes.

Module 1

  • Navigating Audition
  • Using the Waveform Editor
  • Module Signal Processing

Module 2

  • Audio Restoration
  • Mastering Process
  • Recording to the Waveform Editor

Module 3

  • Multitrack Orientation
  • Recording to the Multitrack Editor
  • Editing Clips
  • Sidechaining

Module 4

  • Essential Sound Panel for Interviews
  • Mixdown
  • Mastering from Multitrack


Who is this content for?

This course is aimed at those who wish to upskill in the area of Adobe Audition. Participants must have access to the latest version of Adobe Audition in order to take part in the training.

Training Method

The course will take place over the following dates :

7th, 14th, 21st and 28th June from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

To register for this course go to :