Diploma in Social Media for Radio

This is a unique course developed by Learning Waves Skillnet in association with Joanne Sweeney from the Digital Training Institute.  The course provides a follow on to participants who have completed the Digital Marketing for Radio Certificate with Learning Waves.  The course is delivered over 10 weeks, with one module per week.  In this course your social media skills will be taken to the next level combining your knowledge and skills to design, create, produce and publish social media content that will increase your social media metrics across all platforms. 

Course Content

10 modules over 10 weeks followed by a bonus workshop.  All modules are 2.5 hours in duration.  The course consists of the following modules :

Module 1 Social Media Research & Strategy for Radio

  • How to complete a social media audit
  • How to understand your numbers as potential for digital revenue
  • How to prepare out a social media strategy for your station
  • Social media management guidelines
  • Social media use policy for a radio station

Module 2 Content creation for omni-channel social media marketing

  • How to plan a content calendar
  • How to integrate station & client campaigns
  • How to plan multiple content formats
  • Best practice content for all social networks
  • Recommended content creation tools
  • A content re-purposing plan for radio

Module 3 Facebook Marketing to drive engagement, lead generation and sales for radio

  • Facebook by the numbers in Ireland
  • The role of Facebook in news
  • Your station’s Facebook marketing strategy
  • Maximising Facebook’s video features for show content and client campaigns
  • Your station’s Facebook advertising strategy
  • Facebook metrics to report success 

Module 4 Mastering Instagram for public engagement and presenter profiling

  • Instagram by the number in Ireland
  • Mastering Instagram’s core features
  • The video opportunity on Instagram
  • Your stations’ Instagram marketing strategy
  • Instagram metrics to report success

Module 5 Twitter to drive news, sport and event content

  • Twitter by the numbers in Ireland
  • Twitter’s best features for maximum results
  • Repurposing on-air content for Twitter’s video and audio features
  • Your station’s Twitter marketing strategy
  • Twitter metrics to report success

Module 6 Social and live video tactics for radio 

  • Creating video shows for stations and clients
  • How to leverage omni-channel video content
  • How to host a live simulcast
  • How to build your video following
  • Video metrics that measure success

Module 7 B2B Selling on LinkedIn

  • Building a network on LinkedIn
  • Social selling on LinkedIn 
  • Personal profiles V Company Pages
  • Promoting Events 
  • LinkedIn advertising 
  • Essential LinkedIn features 

Module 8 Mastering the Tik Tok Effect

  • The secrets to TikTok growth
  • Snapchat for younger station audiences
  • YouTube to improve SEO and increase website traffic
  • YouTube show idea generation

Module 9 YouTube and Niche Content and SEO

  • Publishing and optimising videos on YouTube
  • Keyword research for YouTube 
  • Going Live on YouTube 
  • YouTube Analytics 
  • YouTube and your Website 

Module 10  Social Media Metrics and Reporting

  • How to prepare station social media reports
  • How to prepare client social media reports
  • How to analyse social media data to improve your strategy and pivot
  • Tools for reporting

Module 11

Bonus Workshop

Student Assignment Brainstorming


Training Method

Online via Zoom, interactive, engaging and practical workshops focusing on social media content for your radio station.

Assessment & Certification

Diploma in Social Media for Radio


Joanne Sweeney, Digital Training Institute and Industry Experts


Updated January 2021