Podcast Day 2023.

Course Aims

The aim of this workshop is to share thoughts from a number of speakers on the world of podcasting, how to monetise podcasts, how important world class sound design is for podcasts, the value of podcasts for radio stations, what makes award winning podcasts and much more.

Course Brief

The Podcast Day 2023 will look at the following topics :

  • Podcasting Market - A View from Ireland and European Markets
  • Keynote Addresses from Podcasting Experts
  • World Class Sound Design for Podcasts
  • Producing Podcasts
  • Monetising Podcasts
  • Award winning radio station podcasts in Ireland
  • Value of Podcasts for Radio Stations

Who is this content for?

All those interested in Podcasting who work in the Independent Radio Sector in Ireland. To register for this workshop click on the 'Book Now' button at the top of the page.

Training Method

This workshop will take place in the Gibson Hotel in Dublin. To book your place at this event go to 'Book Now' at the top of this page.