Diploma in Creative Radio Advertising

Working in radio production or sales it is essential to know and understand the difference between radio and print advertising and having the ability to utilise radio to create more effective commercials. This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to do just that. In this course we will show you:

  • How to guarantee your ideas win clients over and gets them to say YES.
  • How to create radio commercials that just beg to be listened to.
  • Why confusing radio commercials with press advertising kills business.
  • How to influence your listeners on a subliminal level (& unlock their subconscious).
  • Become a confident and persuasive speaker.
  • How to gain an industry awarded and industry endorsed qualification in creative radio advertising.

Course Content

The course consists of 9 modules which include extra video tutorials, live webinars, podcasts and peer support throughout your online learning. The modules that are included are as follows:

  • Module 1: Job Roles and Responsibilities.

Get to know who does what in a typical radio commercial production department.

  • Module 2: Understanding Radio Advertising.

 The crucial differences between press and radio advertising, the advantages of radio advertising and the different ways you can connect with your listeners.

  • Module 3: Branding with Sound.

How to brand in sound to influence people cognitively, physically, physiologically and most importantly, change their behaviour!

  • Module 4: Creative Writing.

Golden rules to create great, engaging copy.

  • Module 5: Creative Editing & Production.

Key production techniques you absolutely have to know.

  • Module 6: Voice Production & Management.

How to manage and direct your voice over artist to get the best results.

  • Module 7: Briefing for Radio.

How to find out what you really need to know from clients.

  • Module 8: Pitching & Presenting for Clients.

How to make killer presentations so clients love your creative ideas!

  • Module 9: Gaining your Qualification.

How to gain the qualification.

Training Method

Online training course with a series of workshops integrated into the programme over the duration of the programme.

Target Trainee Profile

Those working in Commercial Production across the Independent Commercial Radio Sector in Ireland

Assessment & Certification

Diploma in Creative Radio Advertising from London School of Music


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