Sound and Vision - Delivering the Project.

Course Aims

This workshop focuses on the contract and the contractual deliveries required to complete your BAI Sound and Vision funding obligations.

Course Brief

This session will look at each tranche deliverable that producers must complete for Sound and Vision projects.  

There will be a particular focus on the following : 

  • Financial requirements
    • how to produce a cost report,
    • what back-up is needed
    • how company procedures and policies need to work in order to deliver consistently solid reports

The workshop will cover what is needed to deliver, how to prepare for it and potential issues.  It will focus on how each step in the process stems from the original application, through contracting to a satisfactory delivery.  Please note this workshop does NOT focus on the S&V application process. 

The workshop will be relevant to all radio projects currently in receipt of funding.

Specifically the session will include :

  • introduction from BAI representative
  • overview of contract obligations 
  • in-house systems that support accounting deliverables
  • audits & typical problems – delivered by EY, auditors for BAI 
  • navigating the BAI online tool
  • sharing of best practices for effective project delivery

Questions and Answers will be part of each section -Please note that to allow for an open Q+A, this workshop will NOT be recorded.   Please note that this is a pilot workshop. We will send feedback forms after the session that will allow us to shape and refine the workshop for future iterations. 

Who is this content for?

 Recent audiovisual recipients of Sound and Vision funding across Documentary, Education, Animation, Drama, and Entertainment. 

The workshop will be of particular interest to producers and production staff who deal with, or expect to be dealing with contracts, accounts, budgets and deliverables.  

Training Method

The workshop will be delivered online via Zoom.

The workshop will take place on 14th March 2023 from 2.30pm to 4.30pm.

To book your place on the workshop go to :