Presenting made Brilliant.

Course Aims

Presentations at work are a reality for almost all of us but we rarely have the opportunity to engage in performance focused presentation skills training that can take our communications skills training to the next level.

Presenting Made Brilliant is ideal for anyone who is looking to improve their public speaking skills – it’s a public speaking course will help your team members become more powerful and confident communicators allowing them to connect with, influence and inspire audiences with ease.

Course Brief

At th end of this course, participants will :

  • Learn how to deliver impactful & authentic presentations that engage and connect with any audience.
  • Relieve nerves and anxiety using breathing, grounding and tension release exercises used by professional actors.
  • Develop a greater understanding of the role of the Body, Breath and Voice in public speaking.
  • Learn how to build an emotional connection with an audience
  • Develop a confident and credible physical presence when public speaking
  • Understand how to use the voice to influence and inspire
  • Learn how to adapt vocal styles to suit your message and audience.
  • Learn how to open and close presentations convincingly
  • Learn how to structure your presentation to deliver maximum impact
  • Understand how to leave any  audience with key messages resonating in their minds

Who is this content for?

All those working in the Independent Radio Sector who are involved in delivering presentations as part of their role. 

Training Method

This course will be highly interactive and will be delivered in person. Bookings are limited to 8-10 participants.