Legal Aspects of Social Media

The aim of this course is to give participants an overview of the legal implications of publishing content to social media channels and also to look at the implications of using content from social media channels.

Course Objectives

This course will look at the use of social media by radio stations to:

  • generate listener interaction with on-air programming, and
  • source on-air and website content, is now ubiquitous in the radio broadcasting industry.

This course is designed to raise trainee awareness of:

  • the legal risks and risk management protocols for using social media to generate listener interaction with on-air programming;
  • the legal risks and risk management protocols for sourcing on-air and website content from social media;
  • personal liability and responsibilities of station personnel for their activities on personal social media accounts; and
  • the role, purpose and necessity for in-house social media policies in radio stations.


Course Content


The course will cover the following :

  • Media law and how it applies to creating digital content
  • Defamation
  • Privacy Law
  • Data Protection
  • Copyright Law
  • Advertisting rules and content
  • Practical examples and problem solving


Course Structure

The course is delivered online over Zoom for 2.5 hours during which a slide presentation and discussion with the group will take place covering the topics outlines in the course content.