Excel for Project Management.

Course Brief

This course aims to demonstrate the application of Excel for Project Management.  The course will outline the features of Excel and its benefits in managing projects with teams.  The course is aimed at those who have already completed the Project Management Essentials for Radio with Learning Waves.  Participants are required to have a basic understanding of Excel to attend the course.

Course Content

The one day workshop will cover the following :

  • Benefits of Excel for Project Management
  • Limitations of Excel
  • How to structure your workbook and to future proof your projects using worksheets
  • How to use formulas to determine project deadlines and monitor project milestones
  • What fields to use in Excel and how to use them
  • Online templates that are available to use
  • How to share your documents
  • Features that benefit the project manager including data filters, conditional formatting, grouping etc
  • Applying formulas to manage your projects
  • Practical application of Excel to projects participants are working on


Marlese Louw founded On The Button in 2013.  On the Button is a business focussed on finding sticking points within businesses and implementing workflow improvements, new systems, workshops and training to improve efficiencies of team members. Marlese has 10 years training experience combined with 10 years business experience in marketing and retail which provides a unique combination of skills that enable her to see problems and solutions from both sides of the table.