A Social Media Strategy for Your Station

The aim of this session will be to update you and your staff in relation to why you need a Social Presence. Having established that you need a social presence the workshop will aim to educate you and your staff, ensure you have a Social Media Policy in place, ensure brand protection and consistency and give you general social media guidelines.

Course Content

Where to begin :

  • Choose the right portals for your station
  • Top 5 Social Portals

Blogs :

  • Brief Overview
  • 5 reasons why you should have a station blog
  • 7 secrets to successful blogging
  • Blogging tools and Resources

Facebook : Brief Overview How to Leverage Facebook in your station 5 best practices on promoting your facebook fan page The difference between profiles and pages Facebook tools and resources Getting started with facebook checklist YouTube : Brief Overview Ideas on promoting your company on YouTube 4 Steps to getting your videos ranked higher Online video production tips YouTube Tools and resources Twitter : Brief Overview How to Leverage Twitter in your station 5 ways to get people to follow you on twitter Important considerations when using twitter Twitter tools and resources Getting started with twitter checklist LinkedIn : Brief Overview How to Leverage LinkedIn in your station 10 ways to fully leverage your LindedIn Profile Important considerations regarding your profile picture LinkedIn Tools and Resources Getting Started with LinkedIn Checklist Social Media Do's and Don'ts Profile Creation Community Building Video and Image Sharing Status Updates and Messages Blog Posts and Comments Privacy and Confidentiality Social Media and PR Benefits of Conducting PR 7 Steps to Launching a Social Media PR Campaign Optimising your press release Checklists and Templates Measuring Social : Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) and Metrics Monitoring Social Monitoring your online brand reputation