What You Need to Lead

The WHAT YOU NEED TO LEAD workshop is about practical ideas, tools, and techniques. The workshop focuses on the requirements of managers and recognises the need to work effectively with people who report to you, or whom you report to. Your success, and the success of those you work with, depends on effectively getting the most from your people. Working with people can be challenging. Some have different priorities than you.
Others may not always want to cooperate, and it can be difficult persuading them to work together, even when you must. These problems can be frustrating, and can be roadblocks to your success.

This programme will give you the tools and techniques for getting the people who work for you to be more productive. You will learn practical, proven skills for managing people effectively. Equally important, when you return to work, you can use the tools and techniques immediately.

Course Content

This workshop is focussed on the practical skills required for managing and influencing others.  The content of the course includes the following :

Day 1

Management in Today's World

  • The challenges of management
  • Key communication responsibilities of the manager
  • Formal and informal communications
  • Addressing communication hurdles

Behavioural Impacts and Behaviour Identification

  •  Dimensional Model of Behaviour
  •  My behavioural challenges- understanding my leadership style
  • Real case studies on managing behaviours in the workplace
  • Motivation of self and others

Getting Organised for Success

  • Introduction and practice in a five step COACH model to gain employee commitment and enhance performance
  • Dealing with resistance and challenging behaviour
  • Practicing the five steps to gain commitment

Day 2

Getting organised for success

  • Developing action plans to work effectively with different behaviours
  • Case Studies and Skills practice
  • Grievance and Disciplinary procedures
  • Personal action plan to enhance skills and behaviours as a manager.

Why should you sign up for this programme :

At the end of this programme  you will :

  • Gain insights into their own leadership and management behaviour and the behaviour of people they work with, by applying Psychological Associates’ Dimensional® Model of Behaviour™
  • Learn to communicate more effectively
  • Structure successful meetings to motivate, coach, lead, and inspire others to achieve business goals
  • Learn how to obtain commitment and follow-through from direct reports
  • Resolve conflicts or other difficult issues
  • Handle grievance and disciplinary meeting with confidence.

Target Trainee Profile

Aimed at middle level management, who experience the demands of delivering outcomes through their teams, this programme develops the skills to communicate effectively, manage different types of behaviour and organizing for success.