Customer Relationship Management through Covid 19.

Course Brief

This module will give participants an opportunity to come together and motivate ourselves with content designed to support sales teams during the COVID-19 pandemic. This 90-minute module addresses the opportunities we have to re-affirm our client relationships by means of demonstrating our concern and support, as well the opportunities we have to promote adverting to specific, existing clients and to new, potential advertisers.

The module will look at important telephone skills, exploring a non-scripted, call framework and discuss how Zoom can be used to communicate and share information during this period of Lock Down.

Module Content

  • COVID-19: Different Times require Different Actions
  • Customer contact: Showing support/ exploring opportunities
  • COVID-19: Identifying current and new selling opportunities
  • Telephone skills and call framework (Non-Scripted)
  • Zoom versus the telephone call
  • Setting the stage for success
  • The A.I.D.A. Principal
  • Planning each call
  • Selling the next stage
  • Handling low-level interest
  • Priming the post COVID-19 Sales Funnel


Mark Richardson, Mark Richardson and Associates.