LinkedIn for Radio Stations - Profiling | Networking | Selling.

Course Aims

LinkedIn is a powerful database of businesses and decision-makers. With 1 million LinkedIn users in Ireland, or 20% of our entire population, radio should take advantage of this powerful B2B social network, not simply for promoting your station, but to drive sales. People aged 35 to 54 are the largest user group (410 000) and these are also key decision-makers.

Course Brief

The workshop will cover the following :

  • LinkedIn's new B2B features in 2023
  • How to optimise your profile to attract your target audience
  • How to connect and outreach to build a powerful network
  • How to use LinkedIn search to find potential leads and prospects
  • How to build influence with content
  • Tips for sending effective messages and initiating conversations
  • Building authority and grabbing attention with content marketing on LinkedIn 
  • The role of hashtags
  • Company Pages and Events 
  • LinkedIn sales tactics using Sales Navigator
  • How to measure business success on LinkedIn

Who is this content for?

This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to improve their LinkedIn profile from a business and personal perspective.

Training Method

The workshop will be delivered online via Zoom.  To book your place on this course go to 'Book Now' at the top of this page.  A Zoom link will be forwarded to join the course.