The Future of Sports Rights post Covid 19.

Course Brief

The impact of Covid 19 on sport worldwide has been phenomenal, from local, to national, to international sport, all has been impacted.  Now as the world begins to emerge from the pandemic, one of the key questions being asked is 'what is the future of sports rights post Covid 19'.  In a one off interview, Glen Killane, Executive Director of EuroVision Sport will share his thoughts and insights with Nathan Murphy from Off the Ball. 

Course Content

In this webinar, Nathan will speak to Glen Killane, Executive Director of EuroVision Sport, a role Glen only took up on 1st June 2020.  Prior to this Glen had been Deputy Director of Sport since 2018. In his role Glen deals with 485 TV Channels and 710 radio channels, a mix of public and commercial stations, a combined population of over 1 billion. He has described it as his dream job as it mixes his love for sport and broadcasting.

In this webinar we will hear from Glen on :

  • His career to date
  • Challenge of starting a new role during a pandemic
  • Role of the EBU in Sport, for public and commercial broadcasters with a focus on radio
  • Impact of Covid 19 on :
    •               The Media
    •               Sports organisations, large and small
    •               Capacity of media organisations to negotiate deals
    •               Risk of losing sport on public service channels

In addition to this, Glen will share his thoughts on :

  • Changes in viewing habits since Covid 19
  • How are the EBU preparing for all of this post Covid 19
  • Will Dublin do six in a row


Training Method

Webinar on Tuesday 23rd June at 11am.