Digital Media and the Law - Part 1.

Course Brief

This two part course looks at the Media law and how it applies to the creation and publication of digital content by radio stations.  At the end of the course participants will have a general understanding of the law and how they can apply it practically to the creation of content for digital media.  The course is delivered in two parts, with the following being covered in each part :

Part 1

  • Defamation
  • Privacy Law
  • Data Protection
  • Moderating content

Part 2

  • Copyright law – this will include examples and showing how to find out who the copyright holder is or how to source copyright free images
  • Advertising rules and content
  • Practical examples and problem solving

Target Trainee Profile

The course is aimed at all those with responsibility for the creation and publication of digital content across radio stations. It applies to programme and commercial content creators in all stations.


Sarah Kieran and Andrea Martin, Media Lawyer