The Psychology of Selling.

Course Brief

This workshop will address the challenges we face in today’s economy and equally, will emphasis the opportunities there are for each of us to stand out from the crowd and excel.  The main focus of the workshop is on the Psychology of selling, which is to create a scenario where clients/ prospects ‘want’ to do business with us, as opposed to our trying to ‘push’ the sale.  During the day, participants will delve into the importance of establishing trust and rapport and deep-diving in the qualification process to establish a deeper understanding of the clients business and thus, the opportunities to create impactful adverts and identify the unique selling points of the business.

Course Content

  • A new technological age and new ways of doing business
  • ‘Selling is Easy’ – The Psychology of Selling
  • Creating the scenario where customers/ clients ‘want to buy’
  • The Impact of You
  • Essential Communication Skills
  • The importance of a Sales Process
  • Effective Qualifications Skills
  • Presenting and Selling Value

At the end of the programme you will :

  • sell more effectively
  • think more from the clients point of view
  • have the thoughts and techniques to help you understand the buyers motivation
  • ask more relevant questions
  • recognise the critical importance of Active Listening
  • understand what theatre and acting can bring to your performance
  • gain competitive advantage and avoid being ‘just another sales pitch’
  • close more business
  • challenge your thinking


The workshop will be delivered by Mark Richardson from Mark Richardson and Associates. Mark has 20 years experience working in a variety of industry backgrounds and specialises in training, recruitment and business development. He is widely regarded as one of Ireland's leading Sales and Communication Skills expert and sits on a number of national judging panels, evaluating standards of professionalism in Irish business. Mark frequently speaks at and chairs industry conferences.
He is a former Managing Director of the Europa Academy and is renowned for his work in developing SME’s and Corporate Sectors. A former Executive Board Director of a national company, Mark delivers results-driven training to delegates from Ireland, the UK and across Europe.