Writing for Radio.

Course Brief

This is a two-hour course, examining the art of writing for radio in a non-news capacity. The course aims to improve the standard of writing for broadcast, by encouraging an understanding of how it differs from writing for print, and how to use this difference to best effect. Properly written material is not only easier for the broadcaster to read, but also for the listener to understand. At the end of the training, course participants will have an increased knowledge of how to write excellent scripts for radio, a heightened awareness of the potential barriers to the listener’s understanding, and a detailed comprehension of how to overcome them.


Course Content

The course will cover the following :

  • Components of effective speech
  • Writing for the ear
  • Sentence length and structure
  • Contractions
  • Tighter writing – making it concise
  • Numbers, detail, metaphor and simile
  • Active versus passive verbs
  • Subordinate clauses
  • Cliches
  • ‘Power of Three’ & ‘Contrastive Pairs’
  • Rhythm & rhyme
  • Making it interesting – crafted cues
  • Weasel words


The course is suitable for non-journalists, at any level or experience.


Note :

Because of similarities in structure and content, this course is ONLY suitable for those who have not previously attended the ‘Scripting for News’ sessions. 


Trainer - Eric Dixon Media Ltd

Eric Dixon has over 30 years experience as a journalist, presenter and media trainer. He has presented programmes on BBC and independent local radio stations covering a range of programmes from early morning Breakfast shows to a late night phone-in. He has also presented London's only all-news breakfast show on News Direct, produced by Reuters and ITN. As a print journalist he has written articles for The Observer, Daily Telegraph plus tabloid national newspapers. Eric's training experience includes media management for some of the world’s largest companies including: Astra Zeneca, Barclays, BAA, Bayer, Lloyds TSB and Vodafone to name but a few. In addition he coaches journalists, writers and presenters in voice, presentation, scripting and interview technique.