Google Ads and Campaigns for Radio.

Course Brief

In this course you will look at what display advertising is, the different types of display advertising and how you can use it for radio campaigns.

Course Content

What is display advertising?

  • Types of Display Advertising
    • Category
    • Retargeting
    • Contextual
    • Behavioural
  • Types of Display Ads
  • Standard Sizes of Display Ads

Display Advertising

  • Measure Your Campaign
  • Steps to Improve Performance of Your Display Ad Campaign
  • Optimising the Performance of Your Campaigns
  • Retarget Your Viewers

What is paid search?

  • Introduction
  • Paid vs Organic Search

How to use paid search

  • Landing page testing
  • Finding new keywords
  • Getting in the game
  • Paid search isn't enough

How paid search works

  • Keywords, ads & landing pages
  • PPC bidding
  • Quality score
  • Keyword match types

Your Google Ads Strategy

  • Keyword strategy
  • Account structure
  • Setting your budget
  • Optimising Ad copy

Measuring Your Success

  • Defining the four basic metrics
  • Combing metrics


  • Additional Resources