A Social Media Strategy for Election Coverage 2024.

Course Details

  • Date Thu, 11th April 2024
  • Time 14:00 to 17:00
  • Duration 3 hours
  • LocationOnline via Zoom
  • Trainers Joanne Sweeney, Digital Training Institute

Course Aims

The aim of this course is to equip radio professionals with a detailed action plan on how to deliver engaging, timely and relevant local and European election coverage to listeners and followers online. 

Course Content

This course will cover the following:

  • Pre-election online coverage planning
  • Live election coverage (polling day and count day/s) planning
  • Developing paid-for packages for political parties and candidates
  • Social media election content features
  • How to maximise your website during election season
  • Social media channel strategy – how to use each social network to broadcast timely election updates
  • How to moderate and manage election commentary online
  • Bridging the remote reporter and in-studio gap (things to consider)
  • Your online election measurement report

At the end of the course you will:

  • Have an online election coverage plan for your radio station
  • Understand how to leverage each digital platform to best effect
  • Communicating and pitching digital sales opportunities within your station to political parties and election candidates
  • How to repurpose on-air content for digital platforms
  • Have a moderation plan for social media
  • Be ready to implement the plan in your station delegating relevant roles and responsibilities
  • Have a measurement plan template to assess the success of your online election coverage


Participants will be provided with a template online election coverage plans by the trainer.  During the course you will be filling out your plan for your radio station.  You will also be taught specific social media tactics as recommended.  At the end of the course, you will receive the presentation training slides and a recording.  Questions and answers along with discussion and tasks will take place throughout.


Joanne Sweeney, Digital Training Institute

Joanne is CEO of the Digital Training Institute and has over 20 years of industry experience in all forms of communications she brings practice, academia and new insights to her courses.  An accredited trainer for Google, Joanne works with clients across the world in all areas of digital marketing and communications.  She has been working with Ireland’s commercial radio station for seven years.A  three-time author, her third book Public Sector Marketing Pro has been described by former President Barack Obama’s Chief Digital Officer as "the handbook I needed when in the White House, it would have saved me years of learning by error."

She is the host of the award-winning Public Sector Marketing Show podcast and organiser of the Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit.She is the Network Galway established business woman of the year 2023 and national award runner-up.

Who is this content for?

This course is aimed at those in the sector who will be involved in covering the EU and Local Elections from an on-air and online perspective. 

Training Method

This course will be delivered via Zoom and is 3 hours in duration.