Suicide, Self Harm and Mental Health Reporting Guidelines.

Course Details

  • Date Tue, 17th May 2022
  • Time 10:00 to 11:30
  • Duration 1.5 hours (To register your place on this workshop please click on this link :
  • LocationOnline via Zoom
  • Trainers Aine O'Meara, Headline

Course Aims

Suicide is a common cause of death and can impact anyone or any family. Self-harm also affects thousands of people every year. In this section you will find guidelines for reporting on suicide and self-harm, definitions of these issues, common myths and facts, and the impact of stigma. This short workshop digs into the various mental health reporting guidelines on suicide and self-harm and offers practical advice on working with people living with mental health challenges. It does not cover handling suicidal or distressed callers to live radio, however, this training is currently in development by Headline.

Course Content

In this workshop participants will look at :

  • Definitions of suicide and self-harm
  • How to report on suicide and self-harm
  • How to avoid brushing over the realities of suicide or self-harm
  • Look at how audiences react to content in relation to suicide and self harm
  • How to encourage public understanding of the complexity of suicide and self-harm
  • How to discuss the topics of suicide and self-harm
  • How to expose the common myths about suicide and self-harm
  • The resources available to reporters and callers

Safeguarding Protocols

  • If you have recently been bereaved by suicide (recent being in the last 12 months) we suggest you hold off on attending workshops. 
  • Your camera must be turned on for the duration of the workshop.
  • The workshop will not be recorded.
  • A manager or colleague must check in with participants after the workshop. If they have been affected by the material, talk about it with them and offer whatever assistance is available.


Aine O'Meara, Headline
Aine is a former news producer  and she now leadsvIreland’s national media and mental health education and support programme.


Who is this content for?

Reporters, producers, researchers and presenters across all Independent Radio Stations in Ireland

Training Method

Online via Zoom.  To book your place on this course go to :

22nd November :