Diploma in Digital Content & Marketing for Radio - Module 1 Introduction to the role of Digital Marketing in Radio and Business Development

The media landscape has changed and so has the business of radio. Digital marketing has a key role to play in the modernisation of radio stations to attract, retain and wow audiences. With radio now being listened to across multiple devices on multiple channels, it’s vital that digital marketing tactics are used for business development purposes.  
A digital marketing strategy must be in place which aligns with the business and communications plan of the radio station.  
In this workshop, Joanne Sweeney will share insights into the key factors for consideration for radio stations, the current behaviours of digital age listeners and how news and media has been disrupted.


Course Content


  • Audit of digitally agile radio stations  
  • Key decisions for station managers  
  • How to leverage the power of radio stations online  
  • Key pitfalls to avoid when embarking on a digital strategy for a radio station   
  • The disruption of news and media  
  • Digital programming 

After this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the radio landscape from the digital perspective  
  • Understand the digital age consumer and their listening behaviours  
  • Establish the role of digital marketing in radio station business development   
  • Discover tactics to engage and retain listeners, on-air and online

Training Method