Are you ready for GDPR 2018 - A data protection briefing for Radio Stations.

The General Data Protection Regulation became law on May 2018 and imposes mandatory obligations on data processors. Radio stations that collect data from listeners and staff will be obliged to follow these rules. Taking a few simple steps will ensure that you will be ready to comply and this course will equip you with that information.

Does your station have a data protection protocol? Would your station tick all the boxes on a data protection audit?  Every radio station is a data controller – every text, email, competition entry, staff contract contains personal data that must be handled and stored (i.e. ‘processing’) by the station (a ‘data controller’) in accordance with the fundamental principles of data protection law and the strict requirements of data protection legislation.

Storing personal data on cloud based services, transferring personal data by online transfer protocols, outsourcing personal data for accounting or marketing purposes, all carry data protection obligations for radio stations.

Increasingly SMEs are being targeted for data protection compliance checks. The base line principles of data protection as they affects radio stations will be outlined at this briefing (1.5 hours) together with guidelines for putting in place a data protection protocol for your station. Essential information for station managers, marketing personnel, HR personnel and IT managers.


This course will be delivered by Andrea Martin, founder and principal of MediaLawyer Solicitors, a boutique legal firm providing legal services to the media and entertainment industries.   Andrea is recognised internationally for her expertise in this area and has been delivering courses for Learning Waves since it was set up.  Andrea brings a wealth of experience to the training arena, having in RTE and currently acts as advisor to the State Broadcaster on various external productions.