The Psychology of Selling

This programme will provide your sales team, with an insight and appreciation into the art and Psychology of selling. The programme is designed to motivate, inspire and to encourage new thinking.
The programme will address the challenges we face in today’s economy and equally, will emphasis the opportunities there are for each of us to stand out from the crowd and excel.
The programme focus is on the Psychology of selling, which is to create a scenario where clients/ prospects ‘want’ to do business with us, as opposed to our trying to ‘push’ the sale.

Course Content

  • Selling is Easy’ – The Psychology of Selling
  • Creating the scenario where the customer ‘Wants to Buy’
  • Listening V’s Hearing
  • Listening – The 3 main ways of attending
  • The 90/90 Rule
  • The Power of Words
  • Body Language
  • Para Linguistics
  • The ‘Steps of the Sale’
  • Selling ‘You’ – The key to the Sal
  • Effective Qualification
  • Presentation Techniques – Selling Value
  • The Art of Negotiation
  • Objection handling – The great news!
  • Closing the sale with confidence
  • Creating on-going ‘Customer delight’


The workshop will be delivered by Mark Richardson from Mark Richardson and Associates. Mark has 20 years experience working in a variety of industry backgrounds and specialises in training, recruitment and business development. He is widely regarded as one of Ireland's leading Sales and Communication Skills expert and sits on a number of national judging panels, evaluating standards of professionalism in Irish business. Mark frequently speaks at and chairs industry conferences.
He is a former Managing Director of the Europa Academy and is renowned for his work in developing SME’s and Corporate Sectors. A former Executive Board Director of a national company, Mark delivers results-driven training to delegates from Ireland, the UK and across Europe.